The Power of Travel

santorini travel

I watched a video earlier today all about travel. It was shared on Facebook and talked about Millennial travellers. The people who are exploring the world and taking work with them instead of settling down with a mortgage. I haven’t quite reached that stage, but travel is one of my main passions.

So often I find myself on SkyScanner, seeing if there if anything cheap enough for me to sneak away for a couple of days. I just have to say though… I am a student. So my SkyScanner dreams are just that most of the time – dreams. But weirdly that satisfies me. Even just the idea of going somewhere, knowing I could fly somewhere so cheaply and explore somewhere new, keeps me going.

To me, travel is something that gives you a chance to see the world from a different perspective. A new perspective makes everything in life slot into place. I think it’s because you become anonymous when you travel; you’re not tied down by everyday life and have time to realise what’s important.

I love to travel. Seeing new places, experiencing new cultures, tasting new foods. I can’t think of a better way to rejuvenate yourself than jumping into the unknown. Really though, what’s the point in having such powerful senses if we don’t spoil them once in a while? Surely I’m not the only one who instantly feels calmer as soon as they stand in front of a beautiful, new landscape. Or who feels excited when they try a unique cuisine.

That’s the power of travel. You arrive somewhere filled with all the worries and stresses of home, and leave feeling like a brand new person.

I doubt I’ll ever get bored of travel. Being somewhere new allows me to press that reset button will always be my favourite.

Travelling is so important to me. It drives me to work harder so that I can spend more time travelling or reach far-flung places. All so that I can have that feeling of complete peace and happiness with the world.

So there we go. Travel. I definitely approve.

Now if you need me I’ll be on SkyScanner until it’s time to board another flight.


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