Copenhagen photo diary

copenhagen nyhavn


I think Copenhagen is on everyone’s hot list at the moment, it’s suddenly become the cool and colourful destination you have to visit.

That’s why when we found return flights for under £30 we snapped them up straight away. Tiny bit impulsive, but I’m so glad we did.

It’s the first getaway we haven’t really planned for – we usually know at least what sights we want to see, or a restaurant or two we want to eat at. This time though we had nada. It was quite a nice change for us, exploring places as we found them instead of hunting out certain ones and consequently missing hidden gems.

We got lost so many times. So many. But with beautiful coloured streets and cafés  and bars on every corner it didn’t matter one bit.

Copenhagen is a special place. It’s a city with the feel of a village.I know hygge is everywhere at the moment and becoming slightly overrated, but the general approach to life it represents is something to consider.  I don’t know what it is, but everyone in Copenhagen seems more relaxed than in the UK. Taking your time isn’t frowned upon. Slowing down and enjoying the little things is what Copenhagen is all about. Noticing and appreciating the details and efforts of others, rather than being annoyed if someone walks at a slower pace than you. I know I’m definitely guilty of that on the underground. So a more Danish approach to life is something I can / should throw myself into from now on.

Since we simply wandered without a plan of action I thought a photo diary was the best way to represent and share Copenhagen. So that you can stumble through its beauty in the same whimsical way we did.

copenhagen flower shopcopenhagen streetcopenhagen nyhavncopenhagen nyhavncopenhagen little mermaidcopenhagencopenhagen

copenhagen andersen bakery

Let me know if you’ve been or have plans to go!

Vienna is my next trip, so if you have any recommendations please share!


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4 thoughts on “Copenhagen photo diary

  1. I will be going in July, so I am in the process of making research. Thank you for your post and pictures. Sounds like the city is perfectly walkable and invites to get lost.


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