Remembering old stories

theatre tickets kite runner

It’s so easy to forget a good meal, a good book, times when you truly feel content. I know I’m guilty of often hanging onto the bad times rather than the good; the details are always easier to remember. I think it’s because we never quite realise we’re in a good time until it’s over, rarely fully appreciate it until we find ourselves in a not so good time. 

I guess that’s one good thing about the Instagram culture we’re living in, we’re taking more photos than ever that can help us to remember. If I’m honest, I took the picture at the top of this post purely for Instagram. I wasn’t really thinking about how it could help me remember the performance because I’ve kept the ticket anyway. But it’s a lot easier to look back at a photos than sifting through souvenirs.

I went to see The Kite Runner at Wyndham’s Theatre. It was a Christmas present from my mum because she knows I loved the book. The Kite Runner holds a lot of mixed emotions for me. It’s a brilliant story and wonderfully written, painfully sad but I’ve read it over six times. I was introduced to it during my A levels which wasn’t a great time for me and getting lost in a book was the perfect escape.

Seeing the production brought my love for the book back, it was beautifully done. I haven’t read it in years, and it’s so strange to think of everything that has happened since I last did. I’ve lived in Scotland, I’ve graduated, I’ve moved to London, I’m studying for my masters degree, I have better relationships with family, I’ve had a boyfriend for nearly five years, I’ve travelled to six new countries and islands.

And throughout all that my love for The Kite Runner has remained. It’s funny how some stories stay with you forever, whether they help you through a difficult time or elevate the good. The Kite Runner was escapism, but now it makes me feel content. Content with how far I’ve come, how much happier I am, and where life is heading.

Once I reread it, who knows – I could be living somewhere new, I could have my first full-time job, I could have travelled to new countries. It’s quite nice to have a book that can help me reflect on life. The power of books and the power of time can never be predicted, but it definitely affects us all.


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