New Year, New Me?

cotswolds, sapperton, winter

I brought in the New Year in probably the best way I can imagine.

I wasn’t surrounded by people, I didn’t have elaborate plans. It was simply me, my boyfriend, and the Cotswolds.

We rented a studio for two nights from AirBnB which was absolutely perfect for a cosy break away. The hosts baked a fresh loaf of bread for us which we used for breakfast with avocado and salmon. Breakfast in bed is always the best start to a day when you’re on holiday. 

We arrived on New Year’s Eve, went out for dinner, then got well acquainted with the alcohol section of Tesco Express. Then we spent our evening tucked up on the sofa with prosecco, a box of roses, and Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe. I honestly can’t think of a better way to ring in the new year.

As it got closer to midnight my boyfriend struggled to stay awake and we danced to Robbie Williams. Then it struck midnight, we watched the fireworks on TV, and then very enthusiastically joined in with Auld Lang Syne.

Just the two of us, swinging our arms up and down, grinning like loons.

2017 was already off to an amazing start.

New Year’s Day was filled with a five mile walk along country lanes. I spent most of the time pointing out gorgeous houses and dreaming that I’ll one day be able to afford one, obviously. We had a pub lunch at The Crown Inn of sausage and mash and it was incredible. After a long, cold walk it was the best comfort food. Local ale may have also been on the agenda.

Instead of rushing home on the 2nd January, we found a nearby the village of Sapperton that had some beautiful walks. But we were silly and didn’t pre-plan, so no wellies meant no muddy walks for us! We still made the most of it though, doing the longest walk we could whilst avoiding mud.

Our walk took us over frozen grass that still hadn’t been touched by sunlight, overlooking the beautiful hills of the Cotswolds. Even in the middle of winter when everything is a little barren it still took my breath away.

In those surroundings, with silence from every direction except for the odd bird song, everything comes into perspective. Time slows down and nothing but what is most important matters. And for me, that’s those who care about me and achieving all I believe I can.

So, this year I’m going to keep spending time with those who are most important to me. I’m going to appreciate those who truly want the best for me. I’m going to work my hardest to get started on my dream career.

Here’s to 2017. A new year, a not quite so new me.


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