Life lately #3

scotland stirling sunset

Life’s a funny little thing, isn’t it?

My last life lately post was just after I had handed in my dissertation. I was feeling pretty run down and tired from working so hard, and I thought I’d be able to get my blog back on track soon afterwards.

I just didn’t realise that life would get in the way of doing that. It’s always nice to say you’ll have time for such and such a thing, but it’s easy to forget that your mind needs some rest time.

Since handing in my dissertation I’ve been catching up with family, I graduated, I’ve been on holiday, I’ve done an internship, I’ve been camping, I did a 5k fun run. And I’ve slept.

For the first few weeks after my dissertation I just couldn’t face doing anything all that productive. I had my part-time job, so I did that and came home to watch tv that didn’t need much brain power. It was a struggle for me to finally switch off and catch up with the fact I’d actually finished my degree. I’m still kinda realising that now.

But yeah, I’ve been pretty busy, and things have just seemed to have happened so quickly I haven’t really had time to process it. Like graduation, to think I graduated over four weeks ago… what. That’s just bizarre.

To show how quickly time seems to be passing at the moment, I was at my grandparent’s earlier in the week and my grandad said ‘how old are you now?’, I reply with my ’22’. And then it hits me that I don’t think I’ve actually said that out loud yet. It’s almost two months since I turned 22 and it only hit me then that I’m actually 22. Just last night my sister goes ‘oh, there were these teenagers, they looked about Siobhan’s age’, and only then realised she actually meant her own age (she’s 18). Where does the time go??

If anyone finds a time machine please lend it to me.

Speaking of time machines, how many are all over the Pokemon Go hype? My name was ALL over that app. My sister looks on in bemusement, my mum wonders how old I really am, my dad questions my sanity. But if I didn’t play it 6 year old me would be very disappointed in me, and we can’t have that now, can we?

So I’m very content with my Pokemon collection, yet to brave the gyms though.

My town is very small and limited on the Pokemon front, so having an internship in London last week was amazing (London is rife with Pokemon). I mean, the internship was great! That Pokemon trainer life though…

The internship is another thing that appeared out of no where. Only a few posts ago I said it’d be impossible for me to do one! An email landed in my inbox, I thought I’d try my chances, and a week later I was in their office working away. It happened so quickly there were times that I sat and questioned whether it was all a scam. Y’know those times when you think the whole world is playing a mean trick on you?

But no, I did a week in my chosen industry and loved every minute. It’s completely solidified that I want to/ will work in the publishing industry one way or another after my masters.

Gosh, I’ve rambled. I’m almost 600 words into this post and now exactly sure what I’ve said. And feel like I could ramble more. I’ll save that for another time!

It’s lunchtime and I’m hungry. There are sausages in the fridge which are calling to me to make a sandwich with them. CYA!



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2 thoughts on “Life lately #3

  1. Sounds like you’re having a pretty busy time lately. And congrats on your graduation. This is so weird but I feel like you never really grasp once you enter a new life-stage. Sometimes I’m thinking back and I realized that I graduated 3 years ago. INSANE!

    Love, Kerstin


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