A Foodie Visit to Newcastle

newcastle town centre

If you read my post from last week  you’ll know that last month I got the chance to have a couple of nights in Newcastle. And whilst I’d love this to be a complete action packed guide to the city, it’s not.

I didn’t really know what sights to see, and I had a lot of uni work to do, so a lot of my time was spent in a coffee shop with my laptop. But the rest of the time I went for little ambles around and enjoyed the delish food! So this is more of a LOOK WHAT YUMMY FOOD THEY HAVE more than a look how cultural and cool the place is.

Here we go!

Pink Lane Coffee

My first day was spent in this lovely little cafe whilst I cracked on with some dissertation work. I felt kinda bad about not getting coffee because that’s what they specialise in but, well, girl gotta get her tea. The very casual vibe about the whole place is just the kinda thing I love, nothing too try hard.

I settled down with my book and berry fruit tea (super yummy and in such a chic teapot) at 8:30am and before I knew it four hours had passed. When you do these long stints in a cafe I think it’s sometimes difficult to find one that you don’t feel awkward in for staying so long and not buying all that much. I didn’t feel that at all here though, because it never got overly busy I felt content and not at all like I should leave like I do in some chain places.

I loved just being able to quietly get on with my own stuff and have a good people watch every so often. Got to see business meetings, a coffee date, people about to leave with suitcases. I love that about cafes!

The cakes looked amazing too, but I ended up heading to the Grainger Market for some street food instead. Completely forgot to take photos of this, was a tad too hungry!

pink lane coffee newcastlepink lane coffee newcastle

Pleased to Meet You

Jumping straight into the best cocktails I’ve ever had… PTMY specialises in gin and these did NOT disappoint. The menu has pages and pages of cocktails, types of gin, different tonics, they know what they’re doing! Thinking about them now, can I have a personal cocktail maker please?

They’re not the cheapest drinks you’ll find at all, but you really do appreciate it when you pay that bit extra. The atmosphere of the place was great, the design was perfect. If I lived in Newcastle it’s somewhere I would definitely keep returning to for special occasions.

What you see here is a breakfast martini; London Dry Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice, marmalade and gomme syrup, and a Mary Phillips; Edinburgh Gin, apricot brandy, Edinburgh Raspberry Gin, fresh grapefruit juice and gomme syrup. So sweet and sour and fruity!

ptmy cocktails newcastleptmy cocktails newcastle

Red House

Toning down the elegance of fancy cocktails slightly… Red House simply serves pie, mash, and a pint. And being brought up close to the town of Wigan who’re known as pie eaters it’s safe to say I was pretty happy. Both pies were super yummy (I went for steak and my boyfriend went for mince and onion), lovely creamy mash, minted (for me) and mushy peas, and some really delicious gravy. The meat gravy tastes so similar to the one my grandad makes which I’m in love with so I was content with it all.

I don’t want to bore you too much because I think I could talk about pies forever and a day. It was a really cool place with seating in an underground bit (where we sat) which looked like it used to be a cellar for the pub, or a more ‘restauranty’ bit at the front of the building. It’s surprisingly big too! We didn’t realise until we left just how big it is. So worth checking out for a cheap and cheerful eat.

red house newcastlered house newcastle

Fat Hippo Underground

After seeing Amy’s review of Fat Hippo I knew I had to go. A good burger is the way to mine and my boyfriend’s hearts (or just any really unhealthy food). If you didn’t hear about this place off someone else I doubt many would just stumble across it. Because it’s underground they just have a hippo sign on the street and if you don’t know what you’re looking for you’d probably just wonder why there’s a hippo on the wall.

Well, it’s there because it leads to this fantastic place. Two things stood out to me here.

1) They asked if we’re okay with having our meat a bit pink. I’ve never known a burger place to ask this and I think it’s the rareness of the meat that made it so juicy and delicious. Thumbs up from us!

2) There were no napkins on the table, instead a full roll of kitchen roll. I think that sums the place up. Before even getting the food we knew we were in for a messy, greasy, amazing treat. Easily the best burger I’ve ever eaten.

People across from us were eating with a knife and fork, and each to their own and all, but if I have a burger in front of me that’s that good I’m going all hands on deck. Would 5739% recommend the beef over chicken.

And here is me pretending I’m a fat hippo:

fat hippo underground newcastlefat hippo underground newcastle foodfat hippo underground newcastle food

There are so many places to eat and drink in Newcastle, I was really surprised when I got there. I wish I could have tried out more, but I don’t think my belly could have handled more in just a couple of days. One day, Newcastle!


Have you tried any of these? Or have any other recommendations?



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