Spring fashion wish list

topshop mom jeans black boots spring

Wish list time!

I haven’t done one of these in foreverrr! I’m really happy with this one because they’re things that I’ve been lusting after for months, so I know I definitely want them. My thinking is I’m going on holiday at the start of June so, basically, these are gonna be my suitcase staples.

I’m all over the trainer bandwagon, and I think these Adidas ones will go with pretty much everything. They’ll last ages as well so they’re perfect for all year round and holiday exploring. The cropped trousers are something I’ve just opened up every so often to just look at. I think I’m slightly in love with them. I’ve looked everywhere for a pair that beats them but I can’t find any so it’s meant to be. 

Denim jacket and white tee, both speak for themselves. They’re staples that everyone needs, and if I go the rest of spring and summer without that jacket I’ve pretty much failed myself.

Jeans! I’ve been converted to good jeans. I usually go for cheapy cheapy ones that end up stretching easily and look completely unflattering. The Topshop mom jeans I bought at Christmas have made me want replace all my current jeans with decent denim.

I realise these all look a tad samey and not all that exciting, but I think they’re things that are gonna make me happy for many sunny days to come. Eeee, I’m getting so happy just thinking about owning them!


jd_199773_a.jpgdownload (2).jpgimage1xxl.jpgTS05J67JMDT_Zoom_F_1.jpgdownload.jpgTS26A77IMDT_Zoom_F_1.jpgimage3xxl.jpgdownload (1).jpg

1. Adidas superstar trainers – £70

2. New Look striped trousers – £19.99

3. ASOS skinny jeans – £28

4. Topshop oversized denim jacket – £45

5. New Look striped dress – £19.99

6. Topshop petite jeans – £40

7. ASOS white t-shirt – £10

8. New Look khaki shorts – £12.99


Hope you liked them! Are there any staples I’m missing?



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