Life lately #2


What’s this?? Two posts in a week?


If you read my last post you’ll know my dissertation is over which means I have time to do life again. Which seems like a weird thing to say but I didn’t realise how consuming it would be. In a job you can go home and switch off for the evening, with a dissertation you get home and still have thoughts and ideas whirring round, so you never really stop working.

It’s pretty tiring. Again, I didn’t realise how tiring until I’d handed it in and spent the rest of the day in bed needing a nap.

It’s been a while since I last wrote one of these rambles, so I wanted to write a little update on what’s been keeping me busy the last few months!

Obviously the dissertation is most of what I’ve been doing but I think if I talk about that any more I might go a little bit insane.

I’ve had a couple of city breaks to Newcastle and Lincoln (posts to come soon!) My boyfriend was away for work training in both places so I made use of the free hotel to do some exploring by myself! Both places are very different to one another, both equally as lovely to visit.

I’m saving up for masters starting in September which is exciting! Super weird to think I’ll be living in London in a few months, much different to quiet old Stirling. So I’m working as much as I can before I need to move back home for the summer. It’s gonna be horrible to leave work, they’re such great people that I work with, I’ll be sad to move on.

My fitness is something that’s been changing the past few months as well. I mentioned a while ago that I’m doing a 5k colour next month so I’m just training for that. Yesterday I managed to run for 25 minutes constantly which completely blows my mind to think just before Christmas I was barely reaching 10 minutes. I still have a while to go but I’m improving in every run, and now I’ve no dissertation taking my time I can focus a lot more on it. I’m excited about it! This time last year I would have laughed if someone said I planned on doing a 5k run. How times change!

And now… well now I’m enjoying my last month in Stirling before life moves on. I’m going to work, I’m reading (for fun!!!), I can now (hopefully) get a schedule back for blogging. Then summer! I can’t wait for summer. I just want some heat. It’s been quite warm the past few days and I’ve been able to sit outside reading and it has been amazing. It’s those simple pleasures. My boyfriend text me yesterday saying I’m a summer baby, and I really am. I’m just happier in the heat and I can’t wait.

So that’s a little catch up on my life! Hopefully my posts will be a lot more frequent now, at least until September. Until next time!


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5 thoughts on “Life lately #2

  1. Congrats on finishing your dissertation! And I am very jealous of your progress with running. I always aspire to be able to run a long distance but I usually give up after about a week of halfhearted training. Whoops.


  2. Well done on handing your dissertation in! I’m only in the middle of my second year exams at uni and already feeling like I’m drowning in work so I completely sympathise with how you were feeling. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on Newcastle (as that’s where I’m from!)


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