20 thoughts during your dissertation

stirling university dissertation


That big scary word that looms throughout uni and then all of a sudden you’re 7486 words into your own.

I handed mine in on Monday and it’s safe to say I had the wide range of emotions that come with it. But I can’t explain how good it feels to have it all finished. My undergraduate life is over, which is both exciting and terrifying. And I wouldn’t be here without my good friend dissertation.

1. What do I do? How on earth do I choose a topic for this? I can’t write 15,000 words about ONE thing.

2. Oh. I found a topic? Kinda accidentally stumbled onto it. No idea if it’s doable but it’s the closest I’ve gotten and I’m sticking to it.

3. Okay, you got this. You can read all these books in this amount of time. Easy peasy. It’s Christmas, you’ll have LOADS of time.

4. Well, didn’t manage that now, did we? Part of one book done, good going Siobhan!

5. First supervisor meeting soon. Need to look like I know what I’m doing. Time to cram and plan.

6. That… that actually went well? I feel on top of things. I’ll sO GET THIS DONE.

7. Never mind. Hit a wall. Going home to buy pizza and watch TV all night.

8. Do I REALLY need a degree though? Or even just not a great degree?

9. *Spends all night working out the lowest possible grade to end up with a 2:1*

10. I should probably try more. If I get this mark I’ll potentially get a 1st. That’s doable, right?

11. If I do such an amount of work a day I can do it.

12. When was the last time I saw the sun?

13. Wait. I’ve finished three chapters? I’m 9000 words in? How did that happen? 6000 TO GO!

14. How can I make this chapter longer? There’s no way I’m gonna reach the word limit.

15. Great. I’m 300 words over the word limit. Why life?

16. It… it looks like a dissertation. Huh. That happened all at once. There’s a title page and everything.

17. How can I hand this in? It’s essentially my new born child. It’s only been a physical thing for about 37 minutes and I already need to give it away. I’ll just hug it for a few more minutes.

18. That’s it. That’s my life signed away. My future is now in someone else’s hands.


20. … Think I’ll just order Chinese and watch TV. GUILT FREE. *fist bump*


I feel like I relived the emotional roller-coaster writing this! I hope many others understand. And on that note… I’m off for a curry.



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