9 struggles of painting your nails

painted nails barry m

We’ve all been there. We all know the story.

When I painted mine last week I realised that I have pretty much the exact same thoughts every time I do so.

So here’s a post all about them. To make me feel better, and hopefully share the pain with some of you.

(Side note – I’m about half way through typing the post and it’s making me stare at my nails in mild anger, it’s not really making me feel better).

1. It gets everywhere. Oh, we’re painting NAILS are we? Who knew? I was making a nice messy design all over my fingers.

2. One hand always looks better than the other. Why you never perfect?

3. Even worse, one nail is always the worst. I’m not talking a little bit bad. I’m talking about the one you end up painting over and over because it just. doesn’t. go. right. So you take it all off, start again, and repeat.

4. Needing to pee as soon as you’ve finished painting. I’ve started going beforehand, and that still doesn’t work.

5. One hand chips more than the other. Why? Why.

6. Testing if it’s dry, and smudging it. Then painting over that… now the waiting starts again.

7. Painting them before bed and waking up with prints of your covers all over them. I wouldn’t mind if it evenly covered all my nails instead of half-heartedly doing about 6/10.

8. Trying to find somewhere to balance the bottle. Because let’s be honest, your bed is the main place the painting happens.

9. Worth it for those Insta shots though, am I right?


Tell me your struggles! Share the pain! We’re all in this together. (High School Musical? Yes? No? Okay…)



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14 thoughts on “9 struggles of painting your nails

  1. I’m so glad that it’s not just me!!! I always wake up with a print of my duvet in my varnish, even when I’ve painted them more than an hour before bed. Doesn’t seem to matter what make or whether I use a quick drying top coat, it always freaking smudges and requires re-painting. Only thing that I’ve found to help with this and gloopy/crap paint jobs is putting my varnish in the fridge to chill. And amen to the HSM reference hahaha πŸ™‚

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