A weekend in Glencoe

rannoch moor scotland winter

Prepare for a picture heavy post! You might want to grab a cup of tea and a biscuit or two.

Okay, first up, the journey! Being in Stirling, Glencoe is just a couple of hours away in the car for me. But hats off to my boyfriend for driving up from London the day before (how he’s done so many 10-12 hour journeys to come up here is beyond me). Even though it isn’t too far, we gave ourselves plenty of time so that we could stop whenever and where ever we wanted, get some food, and just enjoy it. We wanted to the weekend to start as soon as we left the flat.

I don’t think I could ever get bored of driving around Scotland, the scenery is just so impressive I’m constantly in awe at it. If you’ve never been, go. Even if it’s just for two days. You won’t regret it. We did a three week road-trip along the West side a few years ago and it’s up there with my favourite holidays.Β 

We stopped in Bridge of Orchy for lunch at the Bridge of Orchy Hotel, which was lovely. I got the steak sandwich, and the caramelised onions on it were out of this world. The whole set up was really well done, huge windows overlooking the mountains, an open fire in the corner. We only spotted the fire on the way out, otherwise I would have been huddled next to it. Next time!

Then we drove on up Glencoe, stopping a fair few times for photos. The iconic Three Sisters, down Glen Etive for the Skyfall spot, and the general beauty of it all.

You might get bored of me trying to find enough words to describe how it looks, there are just no words. And the photos do it no justice at all. But I’m gonna try anyway.

bridge of orchy hotel foodglencoe scotland winterglen etive scotland winterglen etive scotland winterglen etive scotland winterglencoe scotland winterthree sisters glencoe winter

Where we stayed was actually a tiny place called Lettermore that’s made up of about three houses. And a caravan turned garden centre. Don’t even ask, it still confuses me why they had loads of signs for a garden centre when it just this tiny caravan.

We stayed in a little studio that’s attached to someone’s house. It was just perfect. Completely private, huge bath, the comfiest bed, and a warm fire. The hosts even stocked up the fridge for us (including a bottle of wine) despite not paying for the breakfast option! They were everything that you want from a host. Helpful, want you to have an amazing time, but don’t worry over it too much and let you do your own thing. Look on the website for more pictures of the inside, mine aren’t as good!

On the first night we went to the closest restaurant for food, the Holly Tree. Don’t be put off by the look of the website! The food is so well cooked, I can’t remember having nicer food than that before. I had chargrilled venison and boyfriend had the fillet of salmon. I can feel my mouth watering.

Once we got back the fire was whacked on, chocolates came out, and I ran nice hot bath. relaxing in a huge bath with a glass of prosecco is the way every Saturday night should be spent. Just sayin’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA20160213_16494420160213_214211

The next day (Valentine’s day) spent most of the day walking around what’s called the Ballachulish horse shoe. It’s basically a really long walk (like 7 hours) that goes around the side of a few mountains that are behind the town Ballachulish. We didn’t do the whole thing. 1) because we’re not pro walkers. 2) the 7 hours is just one way, we’d have to walk back again! and 3) we like to stop to eat too often.

We had an amble, we ate crisps and savoury eggs, and it snowed. It was one of the most perfect walks we’ve been on. Gorgeous surroundings (still coming up with new words, go me!), and a crisp, blue, cold winters day.

The weather could have easily been very different since it’s the middle of winter and Scotland – two of the most unpredictable things-, but we couldn’t have asked for better.

In the evening we drove up to Fort William for food at Crannog. It’s a seafood restaurant and it was delicious. We had a mixed seafood platter to start, I had hake for main, and passion fruit and champagne syllabub for dessert. I couldn’t finish the dessert, I was so stuffed. If I could have taken a doggie bag I would.

ballachulish horse shoe winterballachulish horse shoe winterballachulish horse shoe winter

(I’m wearing my boyfriend’s gloves, in case you’re wondering my my hands look like T-rex arms).

ballachulish horse shoe winter

The next day (leaving day, sad face) we again did a long, slow drive back. We stopped to take pictures of the deer in Glencoe, mainly because I was so excited and found them so adorable I didn’t want to move. Then stopped in Rannoch Moor for more photos (the last two in this post) because just look how pretty it is. I’m not sure what could have made it more picture perfect.

Our last stop was Loch Lomond, because I think it’s one of the place in Scotland that means something special to us. I don’t really know why. I just feel like I’m home when I’m standing on those banks, seeing the reflections and watching the seagulls.

glencoe scotland deer winterglencoe scotland winterrannoch moor scotland winterrannoch moor scotland winter

Thank you, Scotland. For stealing my heart once again.




11 thoughts on “A weekend in Glencoe

  1. What a beautiful post! I’m off to Scotland soon and these photos have made me so excited for the trip – we’re actually going to Loch Lomond for a couple of nights and I can’t wait! The scenery looks so breathtaking.

    Maggie xx


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