Valley Mill wax melts review

Valley Mill jasmine scented wax meltsValley Mill jasmine scented wax melts

Can we first just talk about how beautifully these were packaged? It’s the type of thing that’s simply done, but as soon as you open it you know it’s gonna be something luxurious.

Even the melts are pretty. None of that simple disc malarkey there! You can see the layers, design and pattern that they’re made up of which I think really adds to the handmade feel of them.

There’s also no doubting the scent of these Valley Mill wax melts*. I think I could smell them before I even opened the box which got me super excited to try them because I could already imagine how wonderful they’d make my room smell.Β 

Jasmine is such a delicate scent, it’s definitely one for a relaxed evening. I’ve had it burning away during some colouring and reading sessions, and because it’s so fresh you don’t get distracted by it. Y’know those scents that are sometimes so powerful you don’t really notice anything else? Yeah, not that problem here.

I’m thinking of saving one or two for when back home in summer because I think they’d be perfect with a bath and pamper night. The clean and fresh smell is exactly what you need for the bath, and being able to keep the relaxation going for another couple of hours afterwards is what everyone wants from a lux pamper.

Why doesn’t student accommodation have baths again? I’ve talked myself into needing one now.

Another great thing about these melts is that they last for quite a while! Their website says the whole box (5 melts) lasts 60 hours. I haven’t used them all so I can’t vouch for that, but I reckon it’s pretty close.

A lot of melts lose their potency after the first time burning them (for about three hours), but I think you can easily get three goes out of these before the scent start to go.

With Mother’s Day coming up they’d make the perfect treat (and bit of a bargain at Β£6.25)! And with so many amazing scents to choose from I’m sure there’s a scent for everyone. Especially if you don’t want to go for the usually Yankee candle, Valley Mill makes a great alternative!

Personally, I can’t wait to get my hands on the mixed berries and roast chestnut ones!

Is it weird I’m drooling a bit imagining them?


Valley Mill jasmine scented wax melts

* This item was sent for review but all opinions and love of nice smells are my own.


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