My journey to 5k

Nike trainers fitness

You might have seen late last year that I’ve been trying to improve my fitness and general health, and I guess this is just a little update on how it’s going!

Obviously over Christmas it all went a little downhill. Mainly because I was home, my gym pass is for at uni, and going for a run outside did not sound appealing in the cold!

Plus, the amount of chocolate and cake that was in the house left me with no hope or will power at all. I remember many times feeling slightly sick from eating too much. Ah, those were the days.

Over the weekend my boyfriend and I signed up to one of the colour runs in May, so I definitely need to be able to run 5k by then. Or it could be an awkward morning. This is giving me the goal I need to be able to keep progressing over the next few months.

Nike trainers fitness

It’s gonna be a slow process, but I’ve already seen improvements over the month! I’m quite proud of myself. Baby steps and all that. I have the usual things I do, treadmill, cross trainer, cycling. I’ve been trying to up how long I can go for and the incline/resistance each time so that I’m slowly improving but not scaring myself with sudden jumps. It’s helping a lot. And seeing that I’m able to improve, even the tiniest bit, is keeping me motivated to keep going. At my last gym session I was able to run for 14 minutes at a faster speed than Octobers 10 minutes, so I’m happy!

I’m trying to eat a lot healthier as well. Still doing smoothies for breakfast, but now having a salad for lunch too (saves the pennies instead of buying sandwiches as well). I give myself a bit of dark chocolate each day to satisfy my sweet tooth, otherwise I’d probably slowly go insane. I feel better eating like this because then I don’t feel so guilty when it’s been a stressful week and nothing but pizza and chocolate will fix it.

Nike trainers fitness

I haven’t really noticed any difference on my body yet, but I think my skin is much clearer than it was. And some jeans I bought on boxing day that were a struggle to fasten and uncomfortable to wear now fit perfectly! *fist bump emoji*

To think this time last year I wouldn’t have been able to run for two minutes without feeling like I was dying. Little changes certainly make a big difference.

I’m looking forward to the colour run, I know I’ll feel like I’ve really achieved something by the end of it. I’ve always given up with exercise a few weeks after starting, so having done this for a solid 4/5 months now makes me feel pretty good.

Here’s to hitting 5k!

If anyone has any hints or tips they’d be greatly appreciated!!


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Nike trainers fitness

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5 thoughts on “My journey to 5k

  1. I started running last year and when I started I could hardly run for two minutes without having to stop. Now, I can easily run a 5k and a 10k, which is amazing! I used to NHS Choices Couch to 5k app when I started and that really helped me hit 5k and then after I’d reached that I found it so easy to just keep going πŸ™‚ It sounds like you’re doing so well already though! I’ve been running on the treadmill recently instead of outdoors because it’s been so cold and I find I can go much further because it’s so much easier! I can’t wait to get back to outdoor running when the weather picks up again though πŸ™‚ Good luck for your run later in the year! Can’t wait to hear all about it!
    Nicole xx


    • That so impressive! You can officially be my inspiration now haha. I started the couch to 5k last summer but lost momentum at about week 5, I’m just hoping that going at it my own way will eventually get me to 5k!



  2. Good luck! I find that mindset is really important when I’m trying to run for longer – I often feel like going for a run is a chore and I’m only doing it to try and be healthy when really I want to stay in with Oreos. But I started setting aside a time window to go out and explore, running as much as I can, walking to catch my breath, running some more… it takes my mind off hitting a certain distance and if you just wander around the area for a certain time period, alternating between running and walking, you get your stamina up and cover a lot more ground than if you were just trying to run a specific distance πŸ™‚ well it works for me anyway haha! xxx
    Lucy @ La Lingua | Travel, Food, Italy


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