Scotland January Snow


Scotland Stirling snow

Snow! Who doesn’t love seeing pretty snow just after it has fallen.

When we had a bit of snow earlier in the month I made sure I got out there with my camera before it disappeared. Mainly because it will probably be the last time I see my lovely uni town covered in snow before I graduate and move away.

I feel quite sad about moving away from this beautiful place I’ve called home for the last three and a half years. So that’s why I’m determined to enjoy all the little things it offers over the next few months. This snow being one of them!

I’m lucky that I have this gorgeous walk right on my doorstep, I don’t do it nearly often enough. I get to see Stirling Castle, the Wallace Monument, the hills of Loch Lomond, and the prettiest graveyard all in about half an hour.

It was one of those absolutely perfect winter days as well. Not a cloud in the sky, the sun reflecting off the ground, biting cold, and completely calm. Y’know the kinda days that just make you feel good about the world? Yeah, that.

I could honestly rave about the beauty of Scotland all day and not get bored. So I thought it might be best to just show a few photos instead so that I don’t drive you all completely insane with my ramblings.Β 

Scotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snowScotland Stirling snow

I hope you liked them as much as I do! I think Scotland will always be a home away from home for me.

I’m staying in Glencoe for a couple of nights on Valentine’s weekend which I mentioned in my last post and I have everything crossed that there’ll still be some snow on the mountains for me to get more pictures of! What’s not to love about dramatic scenery blanketed with snow? Let me know if you’d like to see those photos too!



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