My 2016

fireworks new year

You’ve probably seen so many of these kinda posts already this year, but you’re getting another one!

I’ve enjoyed reading them, seeing what people hope to achieve or change over the new year, and getting inspired myself.

I’ve never been one to make resolutions, preferring to just change things as and when rather than forcing it. And this year is gonna be no different. But I just want to write about what I hope for the year. The goals I can already see myself achieving and the ones that are currently pipe dreams.

2016 is gonna have so many changes for me, and I honestly can’t wait for them all to happen.Β 

The first big one is that I’ll be graduating!! With either a 2:1 or a 1st, I have everything crossed for a 1st but it depends on my dissertation somehow being amazing. I’m so ready for it though *fist bump emoji*

Second big one is starting a Publishing masters degree! I’ve been accepted at my current uni so I know I’m definitely doing one. My interview for the DREAM course is on Monday and I’m so excited and nervous I could cry. Whether with joy or worry I’m not entirely sure.

If I get accepted there I’ll be moving to London! Something else to look forward to, which is also where my boyfriend is working so this year might be THE YEAR that we become a normal relationship rather than LDR. No more spending all my money on trains!

But moving on from academic changes, I also want to keep improving my fitness. Stick to going to the gym, enter a 5K race, keep eating healthier. They’re the main goals, nothing too specific which is the way I like it. I just want to keep my motivation levels up and keep making myself proud.

Keeping up the blog will be squeezed in as well! I’ve missed not blogging as much over the past semester, but I’m hoping that I’ll be able to organise my time better this semester and get more content out.

I want to travel as well. A weekend away to Glencoe over Valentine’s is booked already which I’m so excited for. Just two nights away from life and technology. Just me, my boyfriend and the Scottish highlands, both of which have my heart. Eww, soppy. Oh well.

I want to go to Italy as well because I’ve never been. We’re thinking Venice and Sardinia at the moment. Who knows though! Anywhere will make me happy, I just love seeing and experiencing new places.

Basically, 2016 is going to be full of changes and things that make me happy. I can’t think of anything much better than that. Thinking of everything I’ll do and achieve this year makes me so hopeful for the future.

Here's to 2016! 🍸🍸 #newyearseve #mojito #raspberrydaiquiri #cocktails

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Here’s to a good year! I hope yours is just as positive.

Do you have any plans or achievements lined up too?



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