My Mediterranean Sunset

Santorini Oia Mediterranean sunset

After seeing Amy’s post about her perfect sunset I knew I had to join in because I don’t think anything makes me happier than looking back through holiday photos. And, well, entering the competition that Olympic Holidays are running gives me the perfect excuse. Seeing as it’s winter and I think we could all do with a bit more sun, we can pretend that we’re back on our sunny summer holidays for a little while.

This snap was taken on possibly my favourite holiday ever. It was a week spent exploring and sunbathing in the beautiful Santorini, and I don’t know what could have made it more perfect (expect maybe actually being able to tan).

I took this photo after a 6 hour amble from Fira to Oia just to see the ever famous Oia sunset. But, it seemed as though ever other tourist had the same idea because the tiny paths of Oia were absolutely packed. So my boyfriend and I bailed and took a walk to the edges of the town where it was a lot quieter. We even got to see newlyweds getting their photos taken against the sunset, so pretty!

I think what I love most about this photo is that the sunset isn’t actually the most prominent aspect, but there to enhance the couple. I think that’s what makes a sunset so special. The fact that it makes everything about life feel that little bit more sparkly and you realise how great life really is.

Now I’m just wishing I was back standing there, soaking in the last rays of sunlight. Santorini is definitely on my wishlist of places to travel back to. I could enjoy many more gorgeous sunsets before I’d get bored!

I’d love to see more bloggers entering this! Mostly because I like being nosey and want to hear about holiday memories.




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