A note on appreciation

🌈🌈🌚🌚 #StormAbigail is making some pretty #rainbows ! #WilliamWallace

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I’m back!

It’s been far too long since I posted on here, but whatcha gonna do. Life gets in the way from time to time. But I’m hoping I’ll be able to post a bit more regularly from now on.

I’ve been itching to write for weeks, and this post has been building for a while.

It’s not going to be the happiest post in the world. But I think that’s okay. Life isn’t all hunky dory all of the time.

My first thoughts for this post begin with the Paris shootings. When the Tunisia shootings happened everyone was shocked and writing about the horror of it. And, even though I’m sure we all had the same thoughts about the Paris shootings and the Tunisia ones, possibly even more strongly, I didn’t see people writing as much about it. It’s as though we’re already becoming desensitised to it, which is so sad.

A student I lived with last year is from Paris, and I surprised myself with how utterly relieved I was when he checked in as safe on Facebook. The shootings really shook me, and since then I’ve started to truly appreciate how precious and short life can be.

It’s scary how little we know about the future, but what I love is that we all keep striving for better despite the unknown.

The Paris shootings weren’t the only event to increase my appreciation though.

In the middle of November my Great Grandma was taken into hospital, so I took the 4 hour train journey the next day to see her. We kept joking that she was just pretending to be ill to see how much we would rush around after her in typical great grandma fashion.

When I got there she was complaining about the cold and eyeing up any man that walked by, only she could keep us laughing despite the situation.

But she was ready to move on, and did so at the end of that week in November. She just missed turning 93. All the family used to say that we couldn’t imagine life without her here, because it seemed like she would live forever. No matter what life threw at her she kept powering on.

And her funeral showed exactly what that meant. It was on the 7th December, right when all the train lines between Scotland and Lancashire were flooded (thanks again, Storm Desmond). It looked like I wouldn’t be able to go because of the floods and I spent Sunday morning crying in bed about it, but I ended up taking a last minute flight instead. I think she would have liked that we wouldn’t let the weather change our plans.

It was the best send off we could have given her. Expect now I can’t listen to Over The Rainbow without crying.

But whenever I see a rainbow I’m always reminded of her. Knowing that she’ll be there, not all that far away. All I have to do is look beyond the rain.

So I want this post to remind everyone to fully appreciate everything this Christmas. Spend more time with loved ones, share old stories, and make new stories. Don’t worry about the little details, things will naturally fall into place as and when they’re meant to.

Because Β despite what the future holds, we can always make it the brightest future possible.





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