Nakd bars review

nakd fruit and nut bar

How do I even start to talk about these little bars of goodness?

Over summer I kept seeing bloggers getting bars to review and, honestly, I thought their opinions were a little too good to be true.

Well, I was wrong. I’ve never been a huge healthy snack person, they’s never really seemed to hit the sweet tooth spot for me. But I’ve been trying to be a lot more willing to try recently. I never thought I’d see the day that carrot sticks and hummus would make my day, but here we are!

Being in my final year at uni I think eating healthy will be nothing but helpful to my studies. That’s why when I heard that Natural Balance Foods were looking for bloggers to help out with their energy foods campaign I thought I could maybe find a new found love. 

nakd fruit and nut bar

Y’know when you hear about something then you just start seeing it everywhere? Like when a family member gets a new car, so you see that type of car all the time. Yeah, well, that’s what happened with these nakd bars*.

I didn’t even realise that the shop on campus sold them until after receiving these. Then I kept seeing people at Tesco walking around with boxes of them. Who knew! I felt like I’d missed out on the message letting everyone know they’re tasty treats!

nakd fruit and nut barnakd fruit and nut bar

Since two of my flatmates are both gluten free I feel like I’m a lot more aware of things like that than I used to be. Finding gluten free stuff, that’s tasty too, is hard bloody work! Unfortunately, one of them is also nut free (honestly, it’s a wonder she can eat anything) so she wouldn’t be able to tuck into these treats.

BUT. Gluten free, definitely gets a thumbs up from me.

nakd fruit and nut bar

The taste of these bars are absolutely delicious. Like I said, I’ve never been one for the healthy treats because they’ve always had that ‘I’m healthy, look at me’ taste. I hope that makes sense. But these have twisted my arm.

Some of them taste exactly like what they say. My biggest tick is probably for the caffé mocha. If you’re a fan of coffee chocolates like I am then this is the one for you.

I’m not a fan of bakewell tarts, but I tried it anyway and it does taste exactly like a bakewell tart. So I wasn’t a fan, but it’d obvs be perfect for a bakewell lover.

I love berries, and flavoured chocolate, so I loved those too!

My boyfriend gobbled the rhubarb and custard before I got a chance to, but he assured that that’s a good’un too!

nakd fruit and nut bar

I usually ate them when I was in a rush to get to uni and couldn’t eat lunch, or during a library session to stop the 3 o’clock cravings for all things unhealthy. And they really did the job.

Since they’re all pure fruit and nut (mainly dates, raisins, and cashews) they’re super filling and healthy. And because I knew how much goodness was inside each packet I felt like I savoured the whole thing a lot more, instead of wolfing it down without much thought about the taste like I’d do with a biscuit.

So if you’re looking for something to keep your sweet tooth at bay, stop your hunger pangs, and give you that extra burst of energy to help through the last of the working day, then these are the snack for you.

I know I’ll be picking them up when my belly starts to rumble in the library from now on.

nakd fruit and nut bar

nakd fruit and nut bar

nakd fruit and nut bar

* These items were gifted to me and this post was written in collaboration with Natural Balance Foods. All opinions of delicious goodness are my own.


10 thoughts on “Nakd bars review

  1. Oh, the cocoa-mint and ginger bread ones sound amazing, we don’t have them here in Estonia.
    I think I have tried all the other ones. I love the bars, but I don’t really like the snack nibble thingies they have, they taste quite bland.


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