Getting healthy and improving my fitness

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If anyone knows me they know I don’t like to move unnecessarily.

I’m one of those people who’ll stretch as far as possible on my bed without actually getting off my bed to get something on the other side of the room. Which people takes more effort than just getting up, but it’s the principle that counts, right?

Throughout uni I’ve always lived high up – the lowest being the third floor, currently on the fifth – and, well, I just got sick of wanting to collapse on the ground when I’m not even half way up. I’ve taken many rest breaks climbing the stairs, especially after doing my weekly shopping.

I’ve dabbled with running over the last couple of years, but I’d stick to it for a few weeks then give up for three times as long. I thought I’d always be like that, and my fitness would be always be terrible. Actually completing the 5k run on my bucket list was out of the question. But.

I joined the gym.

That is a sentence I never thought I’d write. But here we are. I’ve never had a gym membership before, so I was pretty terrified when I first started going. I was worried about looking like an obvious newbie who didn’t know what they were doing. I felt self-conscious about how I looked. I actually cried down the phone to my boyfriend because I was so upset with how my legs looked.

But I did it anyway. And after the first couple of times I got used to it. No one cares what you’re doing or how you look. No one judges you for not being able to run for longer than five minutes. That’s the main lesson I’ve learnt.

I’ve learnt to just focus on myself. With each gym session and half hour of swimming I can already feel my fitness improving. And I like it. I was actually able to run for ten minutes straight today, which to some people might say sounds ridiculous, but I’m proud of myself.

I’m not trying to lose weight, or drastically alter my body. I just want to be healthy, and make sure I’m taking care of my body like I should be.

So if any of you out there are considering improving your fitness, but haven’t quite made the jump yet, (at risk of sounding like Shia Labeouf) just do it. The only set of eyes judging you are your own, and if you can see yourself improving that’s all that matters.

Here’s to getting fit and healthy for yourself. Because that’s all that matters.

How’re you getting healthier? I’d love some tips!

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25 thoughts on “Getting healthy and improving my fitness

  1. Yay for joining the gym!! All throughout university (ps. I went to Stirling too so I was pretty excited when I saw that’s where you go!) I did no exercise at all and it wasn’t until I started working full-time at a desk job that I really felt like I needed to be a bit more active so I joined the gym. It’s over a year on now and I still love going to the gym and I’ve also taken up running outdoors, which I really enjoy. I’m doing to couch to 5k challenge and have just finished week five, which is running for 20 minutes non-stop! Although that may seem like nothing to some people, I am so proud because it’s taken me ages to build up to it πŸ™‚ I’m so gutted I just recently moved away from Stirling or we totally could have been gym buddies πŸ˜‰ haha – Oh, and the gym at Stirling uni is amazing, I didn’t realise until I joined the gym where I stay now and it’s so rubbish in comparison, so make the most of it! πŸ™‚
    Nicole xxx


    • I feel like a terrible student for only joining Stirling’s main attraction in my final year haha. I started couch to 5k in summer, got to week 4 and then, well, holiday happened. So I’m using the gym to get to 5k one way or another πŸ™‚



  2. Yay! Well done on joining the gym. Sounds like we are pretty similar, the first time I ran for more than 5 minutes I was so proud! I joined the gym about a year ago, and was pretty surprised at myself. What’s even more surprising is that overall I’ve stuck with it. I don’t always go, but the breaks in between are at most a few weeks, but generally I’m happy in routine. Uni gyms forever! I’m still a member of mine and I graduated forever ago. x


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