Maintaining that healthy summer glow

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We’re now well into autumn, and as the nights get shorter and darker it can be easy to just want to do what you need to then curl up in bed with a hot drink and a few treats. We all know how it is. It doesn’t look all that nice outside so you try to stay in, doing anything productive sounds like a world of effort, and being under a blanket get you to that perfect warm temperature where you feel just a liiiiittle bit sleepy in a nice way.

I’m gonna share a few of the ways that I’m trying to combat this. Because, honestly, I’ve never really thought all that much of autumn. I feel like I’m breaking a blogger rule by saying that but it’s true. I’m a summer girl and I doubt that’s ever gonna change. But I’m trying to change that a bit. I want to learn to feel awesome in every season.

And here’s how I’m gonna try.

Smoothies for breakfast.

fruit smoothie healthy summer glow

In August I bought myself a smoothie maker, and I’m still absolutely loving having them every morning. I think having the fruit kick in the morning is definitely helping me get up and go. I just think it’s such an easy way to get my five a day in without much of an effort.

And I can experiment with them too; trying different fruits, adding seeds and oats, yoghurt or juice, make it a milkshake. The list is endless.

So I’m gonna enjoy every morning with trying new flavour combinations.

Regular exercise.

Now I’m not some sport-fanatic. I don’t think I could be any less of one. But I actually joined the gym last month. My first ever gym membership, so I’m officially an adult.

I’m not gonna go on about the health benefits of exercise, I think we all know them.

But going for little swim (like my new favourite thing) or gym session in the morning makes me feel ready to take on the world.

Face mask once a week.

body shop face mask healthy summer glow

I don’t think much makes you feel better than a face mask. If you use it after a super long day, when all you want to do is curl up in a ball and wish the week away, it makes you feel like a brand new person.

I love how fresh I feel afterwards, my skin feels super clean and it kinda makes me want to stroke my face all evening.

So yeah. Face mask. It’s a good ‘un.

Appreciate the season change.

I never look forward to the end of summer, I tend to cling on to it with everything I have. But not this time! Well, I still did. But I’m starting to love autumn too, and not just for the pretty clothes.

I was walking into town the other day I just couldn’t help but notice how pretty everything looked. It wasn’t a particularly sunny day or anything. But just seeing red leaves on the trees and yellow leaving scattered over the ground, it made me content.

So that’s how I’m gonna keep my summer glow! By doing things that make me happy and feel good about myself. And by seeing the beauty of now, rather than hoping for something else. Because that’ll never make me look and feel healthy or glow-y.

What’re your tips and tricks I should try??



7 thoughts on “Maintaining that healthy summer glow

  1. I am not the biggest fan of smoothies but Milkshakes are right up my street especially by protein world or Herbalife- gives me so much energy. I think face masks are amazing but would defo say a pampering day is perfect to achieve a natural glow, face masks, eye masks/treatments such as the ones by Skyn Iceland.




  2. I love these tips! I do adore autumn though and how pretty everything looks so I tend to welcome it with open arms, despite how horribly cold it gets here in Scotland. I’d definitly agree that exercise is a great way to make you feel happier and healthier in the colder months, I always feel amazing after a workout even if it’s horrible outside 🙂 And smoothies every day sounds amazing, I really should invest in a blender at some point…
    Nicole xxx


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