Friday Favourites – 25th September 2015


I feel like I’ve been none-stop the whole time (hence why this is going up so late, oops).

I’ve obvs got loads of uni work, final year and all that, but I’ve also had work work every day. I’m currently living for my next day off (Tuesday). Cannot come quick enough. I need an early night.

1. Burger night.burgerOn Sunday my flatmates and I had burger night. Homemade burgers and sweets potato chips, yes yes yes. It was so nice to all sit together and cook (even if I had to quickly run of to head to work). They tasted amazing too.

2. Smoothies.

fruit smoothie

I’ve probably mentioned this so much on my little blog already. But y’know what? I don’t care. I bloody love my smoothie maker and it makes my day every day. I love adding different fruit each day to see how it changes the taste.

3. Forgotten memories.

My boyfriend sent me this snapchat I sent him a while ago and it always makes me laugh. It’s the card off some flowers he bought for me, but the florist got his name completely wrong. There’s been plenty of jokes between us and my family about my secret stalker.

Blog love!

1. Katie’s SEO tips.

For someone who just bought their domain (me) this was super duper helpful! I learnt some new things which I’m looking forward to using in my own blog posts.

2. Allie’s blog love.

I love these kinda posts! Anything that gives me new blogs to look at makes me happy and I usually end up loving them.

3. Kate’s Scandinavian adventure.

If you haven’t come across Kate’s blog already where have you been? It’s massive, and beautiful, and great to read. Her photography is incredible, and this posts proves that through all the food snaps.

What’re your favs?



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