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It’s the first day of autumn!

And I’m tucked under my covers writing this because it’s super cold.

A hot chocolate sounds really good too, mm mmm.

I better get on with the actual post before I keep talking about things I want to keep warm. Or I’ll end up online shopping for another blanket which I really don’t need.

A few weeks ago when I was back at home I spent ages going through family photos (probs one of my fav things to do) and I thought I’d share a few with you. And some funny quirks I had as a kid. Because who doesn’t love hearing about weird children?!


Crazy braid, anyone? Oh, the torment that caused for my hair. All the horror and pain!

But I sure looked sassy at my birthday. No pain, no gain and all that.

20150714_202912 20150714_204415

I was a happy child. Honest. Attempting to be all moody teenager when I was like six. As you do.

My sister on the other hand… liked to pretend to swim? I don’t even know.

They were actually my goggles, I LOVED swimming when I was younger. My Grandma started calling me her little mermaid (aww) and she cried when I swam with dolphins (AWW). Bless her.


I think this basically sums up me and my sister.

Me happily reading away, and her being all ‘I own looking sassy, and don’t you forget it’. Guess who to cool child was.


Zak is the first family dog we had. And possibly the best. He was around for the first 8 or so years of my life. Love you, Zak!


Cake. Just cake.

It’s nice to know I haven’t changed.


Random little story for you. Whenever we happened to drive on the motorway in the rain I completely believed that it magically stopped for a second every so often. I was naive enough I believe that, and my dad happily went along with it instead of telling me that we were just driving under a bridge.


I got asked to be in a Steps thing on holiday. Possibly my worst nightmare come true.

Incredibly shy girl get up and dance in front of a crowd? What?

But I couldn’t say no, because I was too shy to. Sigh, life.


Rocking my dad’s work boots. And what.


This just makes me laugh every time I see it. How chubby was my sister?! She’ll kill me for uploading this.

(Family secret – nurses told my mum to put her on a diet at like three months old). She didn’t. Us Rothwells like our food, damnit!


A Bug’s Life hat from McDonald’s just out of shot. Who else had one of those?!


Sleep. Yes.


Another little fact! I used to think that power stations were actually were rockets went up into space. Oh me.

I think that’s pretty reasonable though, all the smoke and stuff. Totally convincing.


These red shoes were my favourite shoes.

I had a thing for new shoes as a kid (some things don’t change!) and whenever I saw someone we knew in like Tesco or something all I would do is say ‘new shoes!’ and point at my feet.

I was easily pleased.


Can I just point out how on-point my fashion has been in these photos.

Well done, mum and dad.

20150714_210451 20150714_210539 20150714_210747

Clearly wondering what on earth to do with a crying child.

First encounter with my sister went swimmingly!

Tell me some of your funny childhood stories!



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