10 signs you work as a cinema/theatre usher

Cinema theatre tickets. Signs you've worked as an usher

I’ve worked in one cinema/theatre or another for almost two years now, and it is quite possibly the best student job out there. Apart from ones that are obvs related to your degree.

But I claim this job is related because I do media, I guess that works.

There are a few things you quickly pick up when you work in them, and it will probably change your cinema and theatre outing for life.

So this is one for all you ushers/FOH/box office workers out there. I understand. And you’re not alone.

But let’s be honest. Would you change it for anything? Nah.

1. Weekend off? Don’t be silly.

Just this week I worked all Saturday day and Sunday evening.

2. Free tickets aren’t all they cracked up to be. 

Come back to work in my free time? I don’t think so.

3. People expect you to have worldly knowledge about every film in existence. 

Y’know, that not very popular 1978 release where someone almost died? Yeah, me neither.

4. It’s your fault if they don’t enjoy the film/performance.

Because we obviously helped to make the production.

5. Regulars will become overly friendly.

Thank you, to the old woman who tapped me on the bum.

6. On the nights you’re dying to get home you’ll get the people who watch the credits to the very end.

You know who you are.

7. Everyone you work with completely understands.

And will smile wearily as another late-comer arrives.

8. Your own cinema-going habits will change for the better.

Never again will I leave rubbish behind.

9. Knowing the ins and outs of the place does feel pretty cool.

What the public doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

10. Every so often you realise just how good your job is.

Can I be a student forever and stay?

Did I miss any?



2 thoughts on “10 signs you work as a cinema/theatre usher

  1. Did 5 really happen?! Everyone watches the credits till the end because of Marvel haha. We’ve become paranoid. Every other movie must have a scene after the credits too haha. Working at the cinema still sound like a pretty fun job though (a).

    xx Izzy | Qthee


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