Friday Favourites – 18th September 2015

It’s Friday again already!

Now I’m back at uni (first week done with, and I haven’t drowned in work yet, it’s a good start) I think I’m gonna change up my Friday favs a little! I’m gonna share a few highlights from my week but also some posts that have made my week a little bit brighter.

This is basically because, well, uni kinda has to come before the blog. And I won’t be doing too much all that exciting each week. Yes, I’m looking at you dissertation. By doing this I can still share parts of my life but also share the love a little bit too!

I really need to get a routine down over the next week or so so that I can stay on top of blogging (which means I have to stop watching to much Netflix).

1. First week of uni!

stirling university

This is like all I wrote about on Monday, but here I am, mentioning it again. It’s the start of fourth year and planning your dissertation whilst applying to post-grad courses and keeping on top of life in general is hard work. But with a view like this from my bedroom window makes it worthwhile.

2. Cutest flatmate.ย 

cadbury oreo chocolate apple juice

I didn’t live with her last year because she was studying abroad, but now she’s back and I kinda forgot just how lovely she is. In our old flat getting little juice boxes was like a weekly occurrence and she came back from Tesco with one for me yesterday with a little chocolate. Isn’t she the best?!

3. Coca-cola.

cocoa cola coke

Does anyone else get serious craving for Coke like once a month? Just every so often a little of the sugary goodness is so so satisfying. I felt so happy drinking it. You’re a good’un, Coke. Just, y’know, not all the time.

4. Puppies!

great dane puppies

My baby Diesel has babies of her ownย at the weekend. 13 of them! The worst thing is though I’m never gonna see them in person with being at uni, so I’m just screen-shotting every Snapchat off my family. If you know anyone who wants a Great Dane, we have a few to spare?

Share the love!

1. Katy’s travel wishlist.

This fills me with both nostalgia and wanderlust. I’ve been to a couple of the places and would LOVE to do it all again, and the others have been pretty high on my own wishlist for a while. Can some please offer endless money for travelling, please?

2. Becky’s happiness quotes.

Who doesn’t love quotes that make you feel like you can do anything? A few I’d heard/seen before, but others I was just like ‘I need this in life now’.

‘Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help,ย and brave enough to ask for it.’

3. Beth’s blogging advice.

Now this post couldn’t have come at a better time for me. With coming back to uni I’ve been really worried about keeping up blogging so Beth’s advice for when you don’t have time to blog has made me feel a WHOLE lot better about it.

(p.s. just gonna mention this for like the next week, I bought my domain so my Bloglovin’ is now here).

What’re your highlights this week?



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