Friday Favourites – 11th September 2015

I’m back with the usual Friday Favs! After an amazing holiday I feel FULL of positive energy and loaded up with favourite things.

September is gonna be an exciting month for me, lots of things starting uni wise. And I’m ready to tackle any challenge thrown at me.


1. My holiday.


It already feels like a lifetime ago that I was on holiday. Sad face. But I only came back on Monday so it’s obviously a highlight of the week. A little sun does me the world of good and I feel like I’m in my most natural state when I’m exploring somewhere new.

2. Flying.


Not feeling the flying in itself, but the amazing views you get! I’m a complete window hog. I just never get bored of looking outside and watching the clouds or moon. Trying to spot land and guessing where abouts we’re flying over. I could do it every day, it’s just beautiful up there.

3. Cinema trips.


Even though I work at a cinema during term time, I hadn’t been for pure enjoyment for almost a year. I forget what a great atmosphere it is! I’m too used to looking out for talking people and recording lights. We saw Legend, and I’d definitely recommend it. Funny, brilliantly acted, and very well put together. It’s a thumbs up from me!

4. Last walks.


Since I’m moving back to uni tomorrow (!!!) I’ve been having my last walks with these lovable two this week. I don’t think I’ll ever get over how happy they look after a walk. As I’m typing this Diesel is pretending she’s a puppy again and sleeping on me.

5. Coffee outing.


Again, since I’m moving, I had a last coffee with my mum earlier today as a catch up/bye because I won’t see her again until Christmas. I do love people watching in Costa, it’s great fun! But the chocolate dusting they put on top was an umbrella which I kinda see as a bad omen about the weather. I’m trying to ignore that bit.

6. Uni!

Did I already mention uni? Yes? Oh well! I’m super excited to head back and see everyone again. Start preparing for my dissertation (ahhhh!!) and get back to work! Final year, I’m ready.

How was your week??



8 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 11th September 2015

  1. Aww I really loved this list! I’m not sure why but it gave me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I love flying I literally press my nose against the window for the entire flights. It’s attractive.
    Flo x


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