5 must see places in Mallorca

mallorca mountain range serra de tramuntana. 5 must see places in Mallorca

In case you didn’t know, which is pretty impossible because I think it’s been mentioned in every post for the last couple of weeks and all over Instagram and Twitter, I’ve been away in Mallorca for just over a week. And a few very special days they were indeed.

I went with my boyfriend and his family, staying in a villa in a little part of the island called Alcanada. Whilst the views from the villa were out of this world, we were all excited to go out and explore what Mallorca had to offer. It’s safe to say I was won over by little old Mallorca, since before going I thought all it was was beaches and Magaluf. I’m very pleased to say it’s not!

So from my short stay in Mallorca I thought I’d show you a little of what Mallorca has to offer, because I think it doesn’t get the attention it deserves for being a bloody beautiful part of the world.

1. Palma.palma mallorca. 5 must see places in Mallorca

I couldn’t write this list without including the capital of the island. We only visited the old town but you could easily spend a day looking around this area. Full of winding old streets lined with shops, ice cream, and restaurants, it’s so lovely to walk around.

There’s a huge cathedral there right on the water front and it’s one of the most impressive I’ve ever seen. It’s all Gothic architecture and design which is probably my fav, the inside is so so interesting. I’d definitely recommend it, seeing the mix of stained glass windows, art, and immensity of the place is something special.

The streets of the old town reminded me of Paris, so you know it’s gonna be very pretty.

We did have a spot of torrential rain for about 30 minutes whilst here, but we didn’t actually mind it because it just made everyone laugh. All the tourists were dressed for summer and we were all sprinting for cover in doorways of old buildings grinning away. The difference between that and if it did the same in England is huge – queue typical grumpy faces!

mallorca palma
mallorca palma. 5 must see places in Mallorcapalma mallorcapalma mallorca. 5 must see places in Mallorca2. Alcúdia old town.

alcudia old town mallorca salmon

This was my teriyaki salmon with veg and cous cous which made me belly very happy indeed. Finished off with a huge slice of banoffee pie, mm mmm! Alcudia old town is lined with restaurants, every one of them looking amazing. You’re pretty spoilt for choice.

It’s the perfect setting for dinner. Think of Palma’s winding streets but much smaller, quaint, and less commercial. It’s definitely a thin slice of cultural heaven. The town is enclosed in city walls so you feel like you’re separated from the rest of the island. It’s such a beautiful place and all of the people are so so friendly.

alcudia old town mallorca alcudia old town mallorca

3. Sóller.

mallorca soller. 5 must see places in Mallorca

This is one of the few towns in the mountain range at the top of the island, and one of the biggest making it a tourist hotspot. It has beautiful streets and the views of the mountains are just breathtaking.

We went into a little supermarket when we arrived and bought a few pastries as a little (not so little) pre lunch snack and they we very yummy. And cheap. Which are the two things I like my food to be. So that had me sold for the town already. Pastry, cake, chocolate, and cream? Yes please!

Walking through the streets, having a nosy into the shops, pointing of quirky parts is what I love about holidays and new places.

mallorca soller. 5 must see places in Mallorcasoller mallorca. 5 must see places in Mallorca

4. Valldemossa.mallorca valldemossa. 5 must see places in Mallorca

Now this is easily the prettiest town I have ever been to in my life. I was taking pictures of literally every doorway because they looked so cute with the flowers and house numbers. I could probably write a blog post on just that to be honest. Fashion bloggers, you would adore it for outfit post backgrounds.

If you’re into photography at all, it’s a must.

You could tell it had altered to fit in with the tourism, but it had kept enough of its authenticity to remain a special attraction. If I went to Mallorca again I’d probably try to stay somewhere in this area.

I loved that the church bell had been painted blue too, I haven’t seen that anywhere before and I think it makes the place stand out.

I also bought a candle holder from the town for 1€, so yeah, there’s that too.

mallorca valldemossa. 5 must see places in Mallorcavalldemossa mallorca. 5 must see places in Mallorca

5. Serra de Tramuntana.mallorca mountain range serra de tramuntana. 5 must see places in Mallorca

This is a mountian range that goes along all of the north of the island, which Sóller and Valldemossa are both part of, and the drive is just incredible. If you’re after nerve-wrecking but beautiful scenery then this is the place for you. There are times that it feels like you might drive over the edge, but it’s worth the near-death experience.

There are loads of places to stop and admire the view or explore a little if you like. The half of the road that goes to the very tip of the island (ending at a lighthouse) has little cove beaches dotted around it if you fancy a little trek downhill. (Not gonna lie, I almost cried doing this because I’m terrified of hill walking).

I spent a lot of the journey just holding my camera out of the car window snapping everything and hoping for the best.

mallorca mountain range serra de tramuntana. 5 must see places in Mallorca
mallorca mountain range serra de tramuntanamallorca mountain range serra de tramuntanamallorca mountain range serra de tramuntana. 5 must see places in Mallorca

So yeah, if you’re wondering where to go on holiday next, Mallorca! Because it doesn’t only have good beaches (who knew!). It’s an island that truly does have a little something for everyone.

Have you ever been? Do you have any other places to recommend?



4 thoughts on “5 must see places in Mallorca

  1. Your pictures are beautiful! I went a few years ago with friends and had a great time. We just stayed in the same place and explored near by on foot and I’m now wishing we’d gone to Palma! x


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