Friday Favourites – 28th August 2015

As usual, this list is mainly food #sorrynotsorry.

And I’m writing this whilst eating Sensations honey and salt peanuts, which are basically heaven in a bag. My excuse is I need to finish them before I take a train journey to my boyfriend’s tomorrow because he’s allergic. I’m basically doing a good deed, right? They’re too good to waste, and my family won’t eat them, soooo yeah.

I may or may not also have half a Galaxy salted caramel bar next to me as well. Which is heaven in a foil wrapper.

I GO ON HOLIDAY TOMORROW. So you’ll be getting something a little different to the usual Friday Favs next week. I’ll keep it a surprise. I feel like I should a sneaky winky face. It’s not that exciting really, or creepy.

I think I’m babbling a little. It’s finally hit me that holiday is here. Is it possible to get a sugar rush off peanuts?

1. Florette salad.

florette salad recipe

This might seem like a weird one, but hear me out. If you missed Wednesday’s post it was basically a salad recipe. Nothing too fantastical about that, you might be thinking. BUT it was my first sponsored post, so it put me on a little high. It’s not something amazing like the big bloggers out there, but it makes me very happy that a company liked my blog enough to want a collaboration.Β 

2. Pamper session.

body shop face mask foot scrub

Since it’s holiday time I decided to have a little pamper in the bath to make me all shiny and new again. Whacked a face mask on, used an exfoliating glove for the first time (!!!) (highly recommend, feels awesome), and spent far too long shaving my legs. And I loved every minute of it.

3. Dinner out with the family.

mint truffle torte

Last weekend was the last one I’ll have with my family until Christmas! I get back from holiday on the 7th and move back to uni on the 12th. So my mum treated us to a dinner out, which was a lot of fun. There may have been snorting laughter involved because I couldn’t breathe (my sister has the best stories). And that little delight up there is a mint truffle torte. How yummy does that sound? It was all kinds of deliciousness.

4. Running.

running socks

I hadn’t been for a run for a couple of weeks. I lost my mojo and couldn’t get out of the rut I lost myself in. But on Wednesday (just in time for a relaxing 10 days holiday to get me back in that cosy rut) I went for it. I felt like a nearly died, almost cried – God I’m so unfit – but I didn’t stop! And I felt pretty good about it afterwards. Only I could barely move on Thursday.

5. #NationalDogDay

great dane dog

I couldn’t not mention my baby seeing as it was National Dog Day this week. How pretty does she look sitting all proud next to the roses? She’s starting to turn grey around her chops and she’s only four, bless. I miss her so much when I’m at uni (probs more than the family), so I need to make the most of my last week with her.

6. Healthy dinner.

stuffed peppers salmon dinner

Okay, not fully healthy. There may have been a little bit of cheese in the peppers. Rice and cheesy stuffed peppers with lemon and parsley salmon. Mm mmmm. I do love salmon, so so much. I just wish it didn’t cost so much. And stuffed peppers remind me of holiday, so they always make me happy even if they don’t taste the best.

What’re you favs this week?



10 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 28th August 2015

  1. Oh my gosh, that mint truffle torte looks amazing! Catching up with family is the best! There’s usually snorting laughter involved when I see my mum, she’s a riot! She accidentally went to the shop in her slippers the other week, it was hilarious! x


  2. Ohhhhh! That salmon looks incredible, I’m always a sucker for a roasted pepper too, you’ve got me drooling! Haha. I also 100% get it about missing the pooch more than the parents when at Uni, when I lived abroad I used to make my mum put the dog in Skype so we could “chat”. :p


  3. This post has made me so hungry! The healthy dinner looks gorgeous, I love stuffed peppers and salmon. I think I know what I’m having for tea tomorrow.

    Your dog is the cutest. When I was at Uni, I really missed my pooch but it’s so nice coming back home and you have a wagging tail to greet you.

    Blogger & The Geek


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