The perfect salad for the summer/ autumn transition

florette salad recipe

Let’s admit it, it’s basically autumn. I know, none of us really want to think about that just yet, but we kinda have to with 6 out of 7 days being pretty miserable. Most of my days are starting sunny, then just get more and more grey as the day goes on. Until it rains. Yay.

My sister brought out a Christmas countdown on her phone yesterday, what’s that all about? LET US HAVE SUMMER FIRST. We both go on our summer holidays this weekend and she’s already doing that. (120 days, FYI).

Anyway. When Total Media got in touch saying that Florette Salad* wanted bloggers to create a recipe using their bagged salads I thought it’d give me an opportunity at actually, y’know, eat some salad. I see all these amazing homemade salads and, honestly, they end up being a bit too complicated for just a quick eat. So this is for all of you out there who, like me, are looking for something quick, simple, and tasty to throw together without too much prep.ย 

I headed to the Florette website to check out some salad recipesย and get some inspiration where I saw this chicken salad with mango and cous cous which, to me, sounds pretty darn delicious. But again, like many recipes, it asks for those little things like lemon juice, cinnamon, and ginger. Which if you’re a student or not a very adventurous cook you have to go out and buy specially. So I’ve made it easy peasy!

All you need (for approx. 2 people) is;

1 bag of Florette mixed salad
1 mango
1 packet of cous cous (I bought a tomato and chilli one to save doing my own seasoning, but that’s up to you!)
2 cooked chicken breasts

Obvs change up amounts where you need to!

Simply make a bed of salad on your plate. Cut the mango into cubes. Once the cous cous is all nice and fluffy stir in the mango. Spoon half of the mixture onto the salad, then place a chicken breast on top.

How easy it that! With the cous cous being tomato and chilli the mango was a nice way to make the spiciness easier to handle whilst giving it a fruity kick.

I’m having it for lunch again today, I can see it easily becoming a staple.

It’s perfect for summer and autumn because it’s something that you can have hot or cold (the cous cous and chicken), it can be light and fruity but also warm and snuggly. I do love my versatile foods, and food that I don’t need to take forever to prepare when I’m running late for the bus to uni at 8 in the morning.

florette salad recipe florette salad recipe florette salad recipe florette salad recipe florette salad recipe florette salad recipe florette salad recipe

Do you have any easy salad recipe suggestions?

This is a sponsored post, but all bad salad making skills are my own.*



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