Friday Favourites – 21st August 2015

If you read my latest post you’ll know that I’ve been down with a cold this week, but it’s thankfully getting better now. I’ll be right as rain at the start of next week! So I haven’t been too active this week, mostly focusing on getting well. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t treated myself! Among the strepsils and lemsips I’ve had my fair share of culinary delights. Obvs. Because what else will make you feel more like you than a little indulgence? I just can’t help myself.

1. Spending the day reading.


Since my boyfriend is writing his dissertation at the moment (hands it in at 5 o’clock today!!! (Very proud girlfriend over here)) I’ve spent most of my time reading this week. It’s made me fall in love with reading again. It’s made me even more excited for my holiday – one week and one day, guys! – and reading in the sun. After my degree I’ll be able to read for fun all the time again which is making me a little bit giddy. Nothing much beats it.

2. Train journeys.

train journey details blog

Bit of a weird favourite, because I don’t really like train journeys. But I like reaching the end of them, arriving where I need to be to happy faces of loved ones. And it gives me some me time as well. For reading, relaxing, or just staring out of the window.

3. Delish pastry treats.

apple danish pastry

Who can resist a good pastry?! I live for reduced pastries at the supermarket. So when I found myself stood in front of the little pastry shop at Euston station I couldn’t help myself. I was hungry, had a long day of travelling ahead, and I’m weak-willed. So Β£2.25 later I had this delish apple danish stashed away in my suitcase. It made my journey infinitely better.

4. A fancy milkshake.

eton mess milkshake

My boyfriend and I fulfilled one of his childhood wishes this week; to get a hot sandwich from M&S. I know, we strive for the high life. So he got a New York something or other (I can’t remember what was in it, just that it had cheese melted on top) and I got pulled pork and apple sauce. YUM! And to wash it all down this amazing Eton mess milkshake. The raspberry sauce was to die for.

5. Chippy tea.

fish and chips

I think this is the main reason I’m feeling so much better. A good ol’ chippy tea does a WORLD of good! Chippy chips are the best chips you can find, with some curry sauce and all is well in the world. I go this down south and, whilst it was very very tasty, it doesn’t beat a northern/Scottish chippy. Not quite unhealthy enough for my liking!

6. Curling up with a cold.Β 


Having a cold is never fun, but I think doing this is the happiest I could be with it. No one wants to be super busy when all they want to do is be still, so I took full advantage. After writing Wednesday’s post I headed upstairs for a nap, and on Thursday I spent most of the day in bed. I think my body needed it, it felt so achy just sitting up. And my hands and feet wouldn’t get warm so the winter socks made an appearance.

How was your week?



11 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 21st August 2015

  1. Reading for pleasure is like a foreign concept when you’re doing a degree lol.

    If you haven’t tried them already the macaroons from Patisserie Valerie are to die for.

    Hope you feel better πŸ™‚


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