Back to university not-so-essentials

Now it’s nearing the time for me to head back to uni – less than a month to go! – I’m starting to think about the things I’ll need to be taking back with me.

Or should I say the autumn/winter staples I feel I need to buy.

So this is a little mixture of things that are actually a necessity and things that I think are too pretty to be left in the shop.

I’m kinda looking forward to snuggly nights and layering everything I own so I can be somewhat warm. This is student housing in central Scotland for you. No one wants to actually pay for heating so we waddle around in blankets instead. It’s a glam life we students lead.

With the clothes on this list I’m picturing thick tights and/or boots with basically everything. All the other things I do need to invest in. Honest.

UNI!! I’m the big weirdo who’s looking forward to writing her dissertation. Who even does that?! Me. That’s who. That makes me feel old and boring. Night out clothes aren’t even in my saved baskets anymore. I’ve only been twice so far this year. What’s happening to me? I quite like it. BRING ON ADULTHOOD.

Not really. Can I keep having no responsibilities, but without the people who throw up in nightclubs?

H and M mint green towel – £14.99

Topshop oversized denim jacket – £45

ASOS denim midi skirt – £32

Accessorize striped backpack – £32

Flamingo lime and cedar candle – £12

H and M knit blanket – £39.99 

Dorothy Perkins wrap – £25

Topshop pinafore top – £18

ASOS denim mini skirt – £26 

Urban Outfitters notebook – £6

New Look block sweater – £17.99 

New Look black jeans – £22.99

Accessorize stripe umbrella – £12

I am really in need of a new towel and backpack. My latest towel was just borrowed off the family so I fancy my own nice new soft one, and my current backpack is from primark which has probably seen better days. Going to uni everyday with it completely loaded up does that to a bag. And me.

My blankets I have at the moment are fleecy ones and I don’t think you can beat the feel of a knitted one so I’m looking forward to investing in one of those. Same with the candle really. I’ve been pining after a flamingo candle for MONTHS. (Really here’s one on my birthday wishlist that I made in May). I’m sitting here smiling to myself imagining the smell filling my new little room; such a saddo.

I need the umbrella because duh. This is Britain. I doubt I’ll actually buy this one though, despite how pretty it is, because I tend to lose every umbrella after about 3 weeks so I stick to the cheap £1.99 ones. The last one was forgotten in a lonely seminar room. RIP.

The notebook I get doesn’t have to be this one, just one that looks super sleek and inspiring so that I can plan parts of my dissertation in it and feel like I can boss it. ‘Killing it’ does fit the topic pretty well though. So maybe that one. I was going to put Kate’s this and that notebook from her shop on here but it’s out of stock which makes me very sad. It’s perfect. If anyone has recommendations please let me know!

I think most of the clothes do the talking for themselves. But just imagine the pinafore top with a striped long sleeved top underneath. That makes me happy. And I can perfectly imagine long library days in the blanket wrap. Whoever came up with that idea, BTW, is a genius. Making it acceptable to wear a blanket in public is lifesaving.

What’s on your wishlist?



10 thoughts on “Back to university not-so-essentials

  1. That wrap from Dorothy Perkins looks so cosy!

    Don’t feel weird about looking forward to your dissertation! I’m a recent literature graduate and I loved researching and writing mine :). Good luck!


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