Friday Favourites – 14th August 2015

How naff is this weather?! I thought we were getting a bit of summer back, then I wake up this morning and can’t even see out the window with how foggy it was. What’s that all about? So I’ve been huddling up trying to get comfy and warm and keep eyeing up the AW15 fashion picks.

It’s not even the middle of August! Sort it out, weather-man. Please.

1. Rose lemonade.


I’d tried Fentiman’s Victorian lemonade before and absolutely loved how lemony it was, so I was quite looking forward to trying something else. I’ve never had rose lemonade before but this definitely made me a fan. It tasted so delicate and refreshing. It’s the kind of drink that makes you feel happy yet sophisticated. Yum yum.

2. Tom Yum.


My boyfriend and I went out to dinner on Wednesday to a Thai restaurant we’d been wanting to try for a while. We went for the set menu which we were told afterwards was the wrong thing to go for, oh well. This was the soup we had as a second starter and it was blow your socks off spicy. The food was good, I’m just not sure the meals we got were the right ones for us. We’ll know better for next time!

3. Baby swans!

20150805_150120 (2)

I went for a walk round our local park/lake and got to seeย the baby swans with their fluffy grey feathers. How cute do they look? I feel quite sorry for them because their mum died (that was big news in our little town), so they just have dad swan looking after them now. It’s such a lovely park, even on these naff days, I love walking around there.

4. Coffee.

20150804_085716 (3)

Whilst my sister took her driving theory test me and mum went and got a coffee whilst we waited. Now, I don’t drink coffee all that often. It’s just once or twice a month I’ll get a craving for it and that’s it. So satisfying those craving with a really good mocha, mm mmm.

5. Ladylike cat.

20150803_173446 (2)

She’s such a weird cat! She pretends that she’s all cool but as soon as she gets a bit sleepy and comfy she ends up in the strangest positions. She’ll purr and purr when she wants attention, tries to snuggle under your chin, and then just passes out super quickly. I feel like I’m describing myself here, but I promise I’m talking about the cat.

6. Mojito.


I love these things. Mojitos are probably one of my favourite cocktails so I really enjoy having these little alcohol free versions every so often because I can just chill with Netflix or something and have the tasty cocktail feeling without the headache the following morning. And they are so so yummy, I couldn’t recommend them enough.

What are your favs this week?



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