15 signs you’re the older sibling


1. You’re the guinea pig.

The trial run! If they mess you up, chances are they won’t go wrong next time. If you turn out to be a nice, normal toddler then you’ll probably get a sibling.

2. Your parents are over-protective of you.

I don’t know about any of you other oldies out there, but I got the super-protective treatment. We lived in a cul-de-sac and I was only allowed at the bottom of it up to the lamp post next to out house. Which, fyi, was not very far at all. Once I was about 7 I could go to the end of the road. Not for my brother and sister though! They could go anywhere in a village by the age of 7, lucky buggers.

3. Oldest = highest expectations ever.

Surely this isn’t just me. The first born is assumed to be a child genius because parents assume they would obviously pass a high IQ down the gene pool. It’s okay for the other siblings to not do as well, because the first one has to do all the hard work!

4. Presumed to have life figured out. 

I think my family thinks my life is all figured out because I’m at uni, doing well, hoping to get a good job. Little do they know, I have absolutely no idea where my life is going.

5. And everyone else’s life.

Because I obvs know what I’m doing in life I must also know what my sister and brother plan on doing too. Do they really think I’ve researched different options for future career plans? I’m just hoping things work out. Hope basically sums up my life.

6. Always there to help with homework.

Because I learnt the ‘same’ stuff less than 10 years ago I should still know it all, apparently? I can’t remember all the complicated maths formulas! What even is an adverb? You don’t need these things in real life! My poor brain can’t handle it.

7. You watch your Christmas present pile get smaller.

As your siblings keep getting the latest gadgets and gizmos you’ll sit with your pair of tweezers and Christmas jumper. That’s okay though, your dad isn’t quite on-point with the latest fashions trends to hook you up anyway.

8. You don’t have to deal with hand-me-downs. 

New clothes! Always new clothes whilst growing up! Though I seriously didn’t appreciate it back then. Only now my brother and sister are both bigger than me, so I get offered the hand-me-downs. Oh, how the tables have turned.

9. Somehow be the only one with bad fashion sense when younger?

I blame this on me wising up to the terrible fashion disasters of 2006, and being determined that my siblings don’t endure the same horror when looking back on photos. Because it’s worse for them now. Not only will there be photographic evidence. It will also be spread across social media. We’ll just keep my choices hidden away.

10. Teachers know your siblings as ‘oh, you’re Siobhan’s younger sister?’

Makes me feel quite proud, y’know? I can assure my old teachers that they’ll be decent students, and warn my siblings of the teachers who aren’t the nicest. It’s a win-win for them, and I feel a little bit like I was leaving a mini legacy of what Rothwell clan is all about.

11. Seem to have no common sense when you’re younger.

Okay, this might be just me. My family ALWAYS said I had no common sense when I was younger. But I think it just seems like that because I could warn my sister about things before she was silly did them. I think they’re all a little surprised I’ve managed to keep myself afloat for the past three years.

12. Any attempt at life advice just sounds weird from you.

Why are the oldest expected to give advice? We’re still all confused, it’s life! Whatever problem they have we probably muddled through half blind as well, that’s what keeps it interesting. And how can I give advice on something I didn’t understand anyway?

13. You sit and wonder if you were like them at their age. 

Did I really think I could get away with dressing like that? Was my room THAT messy? I didn’t consume that much sugar a day, right? I didn’t get away with that, did I?!

14. They look up to you.

No matter the downsides of being a trial run, it’s always nice when they do ask for help with something or need guidance on certain scary things like UCAS applications.

15. You don’t get along with anyone better. 

Even though you can argue like there’s no tomorrow, and complain about their bad habits 24/7, there’s no one else in the world you can laugh at nothing with as much as them. Trust me. The amount of laughs me and my sister have had just brushing out teeth is ridiculous.

I wouldn’t change the pair of them for anything. Until they annoy me again. Then any of you can have them for free. Please.


Do you agree with these? What about being the youngest/middle?



6 thoughts on “15 signs you’re the older sibling

  1. I can relate so so much to this post! I literally agree with every point haha, especially being the guinea pig and the most protected. My sister was always allowed to do things at a much younger age than I was and I’m forever expected to help her with her homework, even though I had to do it completely on my own – life’s a lot tougher being the eldest xx
    Charlotte’s Road


  2. This is to true! Especially the overprotection that never really existed for my brother and the assumption that I know where my life is going to leave. I have to agree just because I’m at university doesn’t mean I know what happens next to the final detail.
    But just like you I couldn’t imagine not having my little brother around.


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