Friday Favourites – 7th August 2015

It’s felt like quite an active week this week! I’ve always been out and about places, visiting family, catching up. There’s been a good amount of lazy too, not to worry about that! I’ll forever be a lazy person at heart.

I guess you could say I’ve had my fair share of culture and spoiling myself. And I think that’s how I want all my life to go. I’d be happy with that.

I’m quite looking forward to heading back to uni now. Even though these Friday Favs will be filled with work and library sessions even week I’m ready to go back. Maybe I could alter the Friday favs to fit uni? Do less weekly highlights of my life and add some online favs too? What do you think? I’ll figure it out!

1. McFlurry.


McFlurrys have a special place in my heart, I love trying the new flavours they bring out every so often. This is flake with raspberry sauce, and yes, it tasted as amazing as it sounds. I’m a sucker for raspberry sauce, I’ll eat it with anything (within reason).

2. Dunham Massey.


I headed to Dunham Massey on Thursday with my grandparents and had a wander round the gardens. It’s a National Trust site which was used as a hospital during the First World War. The house was unfortunately closed but the gardens took an entire day anyway! It’s a huge area with gorgeous flowers everywhere. I kept just standing still and sniffing. There’s a deer park too, but all the deer were hiding away. I got so many gorgeous photos on the day, they make me happy.

3. Manchester.


I live so close to Manchester – roughly half an hour on the train – yet have never actually been there until today. It’s a gorgeous city, the buildings were just beautiful. And the amount of shops boggles the mind, I got lost quite a few times.

4. OOTW.


Every so often it’s nice to dress just that little bit fancier for no reason at all! I absolutely adore this dress from ASOS, and it was the first time I’ve taken the shoes for a spin. They may have left me with five lovely blisters but at least I felt sassy as I struggled not to limp from the pain.

5. New shoes.


Wh doesn’t love buying new shoes?! I’ve loved this style for ages (like, I’ve been looking for a pair since this time last year). I FINALLY went for it and I wore them around the house for the rest of the day. They make me feel happy, I can’t wait to wear them out the house!

6. Sun!


The sun came back!!!! After a few weeks of very autumn weather the sun showed it’s face again yesterday. I made the most of it and sat outside all evening. I forgot how great the heat can feel on your face. BRING ON THE HOLIDAY! (3 weeks guys, I’m a tad excited).

What’re your favs?



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