21 Tesco recipes you and I need to try


Now this whole post is gonna look like I’m a walking, talking Tesco advert. Except I’m not. Well, I am a little bit. But Tesco doesn’t know I am so it doesn’t count.

It’s just always been my family’s go-to supermarket, and it’s now my go-to at uni as well. So every month I find myself picking up the Tesco magazine because it’s free and I like having a little nosey instead of putting the shopping away.

The thing is they ALWAYS have amazing recipes in them. So for a free magazine I think they’re pretty incredible. Even if I’ve barely made anything out of them yet. The latest one I did make is this, which was super yum, just fyi. I may have been collecting these magazines for months and letting them collect dust. It’s tough to cook like this when it’s for one person! So I thought I’d have another flick through them, find the yummiest looking recipes and share them here. That way all of you can discover the wonder that is Tesco recipes, and it gives me an easy place to find them instead of finding new places to put the magazines because they don’t have a home. It’s basically a win win situation.

I’ve tried to divide them up into sections, and even included things I don’t like. Mainly any egg recipe (because ew, eggs). I wish SO MUCH that I could like eggs, any recipe with them always looks so yum and healthy but my taste buds just aren’t playing the game.


1. Seven-grain porridge with seeds and berries.

Basically all kinds of healthy breakfast heaven. It just always looks so yummy! And it’s good for you. It’s a very big yes from me. And I’m a summer berry addict, so yeah.

2. Sunshine eggs with chorizo and potato hash.

See, eggs. I don’t like them at all but this looks delish. So someone else can make it and tell me how good it is. It has chorizo and potato, what could possibly go wrong with that combination?

Starters, sides, and salads;

3. Courgette, asparagus, and hazelnut salad.

Mm mmm! Imagine serving this up with a BBQ. It’s a perfect looking light, summery salad to make you happy. I know I’d feel pretty happy eating it. It’s the kinda thing that makes it look like you know your way around salads, even if it’s your first one of the year.

4. Spring onion blinis with crab and chilli.

Just the idea of crab and chilli sold me. I think a hint of chilli goes so well with seafood like crab and salmon. the delicate flavours with the kick of chilli. I could probably eat them all to myself.

5. Broccoli, feta, and almond baklava.

I’ve only had dessert baklava, but these flavours together sound amazing and if it works in a baklava I won’t say no. They look like they’d be perfect little nibbles as a snack or light starter. I can almost taste it now.

6. Goat’s cheese, broccoli, and red onion tartlets.

Cheese and onion are two of my favourite things, so I know I’d love this. And melted cheese and fried onion I love even more. Okay, moving on; before I go and make cheese and onion on toast.

7. Roasted sweet potato, with blue cheese, walnuts, and sage.

I’m loving sweet potato so much at the moment, and these flavours with it sounds unbelievable. It’s the kinda recipe you can smell just from the words. I think it’d be great at a BBQ, or as an alternative to normal roast potatoes on a Sunday.


8. Salmon, artichoke, and potato pesto tray-bake.

Just salmon. I’ll eat anything with salmon.

9. Chorizo, butter bean, and spinach stew.

How great would this be on a cold autumn/winter night? Imagine having it when you have a cold as well. It’s seems like the ultimate cure for the cold weather blues.

10. One-pot leek linguine.

Leeks have a flavour I really enjoy, so having them in a creamy sauce with pasta sounds just delightful. I think it would be delicious. And anything that saves me washing multiple pans gets my vote!

11. Roasted carrot quinoa with almonds and cured ham.

Quinoa is something I want to get into. It’s yummy and healthy and you can add literally anything to it. Way better than my usual of having either new potatoes or penne pasta most nights. I think cured ham can make pretty much anything taste amazing anyway.

12. Chicken, pancetta, and fennel stew.

Again, a perfect cold weather dish. I think just put everything into a stew and it will make you feel better. Just how warm and cosy does it make you feel?!


13. Peaches and cream ice lollies.

The perfect combination. In a frozen setting. It’s summer perfection. It’s basically like making your own Soleros, and everyone loves them. At least I hope they do. If they don’t they’re wrong.

14. Passion fruit self-saucing pudding.

Okay, maybe the self-saucing bit is what made me pick this. I do enjoy passion fruit, but I think this is worth making just to witness it make it’s own sauce. Tasting good is a plus!

15. Mango lassi syllabub.

It has mango and it has Greek yoghurt. I’m sold.

16. Blueberry and buttermilk scones.

Need I say more than THEY’RE SCONES! Scones are everything that is good about summer. With a lot of cream and jam. They make the world a happier place.

17. Raspberries and cream cake with rose petals.

I mainly want to make this because it looks beautiful. Mine would probably look nothing like the one pictured, but a girl can dream. And I’m dying to eat a raspberry with loads of cream and a chunk of soft cake.

18. Dark chocolate and pomegranate tart.

This is basically just eating a mass amount of creamy chocolate, but making it look sophisticated with pasty and pomegranate. And I’m all for looking like I have my life together when I actually just want to feel sick from eating too much chocolate.


19. Passion fruit, lemon, and gin Collins.

I’m on the gin hype! These two fruits together sound like the winning combination whilst baking in the sun. Not gonna get much of a chance to do that here in the UK though. Maybe just whack the heating up and pretend?

20. Kiwi and mint fizz.

Very much a mocktail! For when you want something with a kick but no buzz. It’s kind of like a kiwi mojito? I think?

21. Blueberry mojito.

Mojitos are always my go-to cocktails because mint and lime are a dream together. As soon as I saw this recipe I knew I had to make it. Any fruity twist on a classic is always a win.

Did any of these stand out to you? Do you share the love of the Tesco magazine?



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