Summer (and a hint of autumn) fashion wishlist

This little wishlist is already heading into autumn fashion, which makes me a little bit sad. But how can I not eye up blanket scarves and trench coats when all we’re getting is grey skies and rain?

I’ve gone for some versatile pieces that can be for summer and autumn, and some that would be lovely on holiday but I may or may not have already spent far too much on clothes for my holiday.

Boohoo striped shirt dress – £22 | Boohoo swing dress – £10 | New Look corduroy skirt – £19.99 | ASOS mac – £65 | River Island suede boots – £65 | Topshop bardot top – £24 | ASOS pleated shorts – £15 | River Island vanity case – £30 | New Look floral shorts – £12.99

I can see the shirt dress on a beach front walk and I’m pining for it so much, I don’t know if it’s a bit too sassy for me though. Same with both pairs of shorts and bardot top, beach chilling essentials! I have no print shorts and feel like it’s a must, I got my denim-shorts-of-dreams a few weeks ago so now I obvs need print-shorts-of-dreams.

The swing dress and corduroy skirt look perfect for autumn with tights (and the corduroy saves me buying a suede skirt). Just imagine the mac and boots together! How lovely would that be?! And this might sound weird but I’ve never bought my own winter coat before (got them for Christmas off family) so I think this is a pretty good one to start with! Not sure how well the boots would fare in our British rain though. Soggy feet, anyone?

And just how pretty does the vanity case look? My current make-up bag is one I got for my 16th birthday (yikes!) so I think it’s safe to say I’m in need of a new one. Or rather, I want a new one. It still works perfectly fine. But shhh.

Do you have any favourites? Something I could maybe add to the list?



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