Friday Favourites – 31st July 2015

Not reeeeally much to share this week! I’m basically house sitting with no where to go and no way to get there. The most consist thing I’ve done this week is feed the cats, so yeah. This post is going to be mainly animals, which makes me very happy but everyone else might find boring.

The only different things I’ve done this week are boring things like staining garden furniture, marathoning Pretty Little Liars in my pjs, and pretending to be mum by getting the food shopping for me and my siblings. Crazy life I lead, huh?

And before you think I live in a zoo, divorced parents means plenty of pet opportunities!

1. Kittens!


In case you didn’t notice I kinda picked a favourite. If you follow me on instagram you would have seen these cuties a few weeks ago, but they’re now at the playful age that make me fall in love with them. They start fighting with each other in slow motion and it’s so funny to watch. My favourite is so nosey and curious it makes me happy.

2. Evening out.


Tuesday was the first time I’d seen my grandparents since my birthday at the start of June! We went to our favourite Chinese and ordered all the usuals (we’re THOSE people who get the same thing every time). It was so nice to catch up with them with everything I’ve been up to and their holiday to Switzerland. The stories they have are hilarious.

3. Sleepy cats.



The darker cat is Maisie who never wants to sit on you. I guess being the one feeding her this week made her like me more? It was nice getting cuddles off her, but then Daisy got jealous and decided spooning on my knee was a great idea. Only she ended up like that on her back. I feel like I’ve official achieved Cat Lady status.

4. Pretty sky.


The sky looked like this when I got in on Tuesday, how pretty is it?! I love a sunset against clouds, they’re always so much more striking than clean sunsets. Can’t really complain about the world we have if we get to see sights like that from your doorstep.

5. Funny dogs.



I had a great time yesterday just playing with the dogs in the back garden, they’re such characters I love them to pieces. Diesel (the black one) just kept standing next to me no matter how much Bruce tried to play with her to start with. It’s basically me and Dee against the world, she’s gonna be one of the dogs I never forget for the rest of my life. And Brucey is a loon. When he gets worked up he’ll try to talk to you, and can’t just give you a paw – it has to be both.

6. Inspiration.


If you ever want to read something to make you feel like you can do anything, I’d definitely recommend this book. ‘Make the moment vital and worth living. Do not let it slip away unnoticed and unused.’ Now if that doesn’t make you want to conquer the world I don’t know what will. Whenever I read it I feel determined to reach for everything I want in life.

Do you have any weekly favs?



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