The best summer nail varnish colours


We might not be having much of a summer but we can pretend. C’mon summer! It’s almost August and you’re no where to be seen! You’re not supposed to last a few days in June then disappear again.

I’m writing about the colours which look perfect in sun, or should I say look perfect when you’re putting on a brave face in the rain. It’s been raining non-stop for the past three days which isn’t much fun, so I’m hoping that writing this will make me feel better about the weather. But mainly I’ll just keep day-dreaming about my holiday at the end of August and pretend I’m trying each of these colours out next to the pool. I can almost feel the heat now…


Barry M Eat My Dust – £3.99

Pastel shades are everywhere at the moment. I think they make you feel like a cool and calm individual, and you can pretend to be much cooler than you really are. That’s how I feel when I wear this Barry M pastel blue. You can get away with two coats, but I usually go for three to get a full block of colour. I wouldn’t listen to it’s ‘quick dry’ thing though, it seems to dry just as quick as any other nail varnish. It’s a colour that I always get complimented on, it kind of demands attention in an understated way. If that makes any sense at all.


Essie Fifth Avenue – £7.99

Essie essie essie. Do bloggers ever stop talking about essie? I feel like I mention it every three posts or something. I’ve only used this on my toes so far. But that’s because I’m weird and like really bright colours on my toes and colours I can get away with anywhere on my fingers. Is that weird? Probs. Anyway. This red is absolutely perfect because it’s bright and poppin’ and has that slight hint of orange to make it beachy. I don’t think I need to talk about how well it goes on, I think that’s why essie is so popular.


L’Oreal Dating Coral – £4.99

Now for some reason my camera hated this varnish and decide that it did not want to focus on it no matter what. So ignore the picture and refocus it in your head. Tell you what. Imagine the most perfect coral colour ever and this is it. I’ve been wearing it for about three weeks now and I’ll be reapplying it again. It’s just such a gorgeous, gorgeous colour. And goes on like a absolute dream. And I bought a coral bikini yesterday, so guess what varnish I’ll be wearing on holiday too! I have a thing for coral at the moment. In case you didn’t notice.


Rimmel Peppermint – £3.95

If you’re not into reds and want something bright and wonderful, this is the color you need. It’s a sky/turquoise-y blue which is perfect for the summer when red gets a bit too much. I remember wearing this SO much last summer and never getting bored of it. Everyone needs their perfect blue, one that makes them all happy and feel like they can tick off all their to-do list for the day.


Maybelline Nude Rose – £4.49

The link for this goes to what I’m assuming is basically the same nail varnish just in a different bottle, because I can’t find this exact bottle anywhere. So fingers crossed it’s the same colour. This pink is a lovely dusty pink shade that can be worn anywhere. I’d say you need three coats to get a block colour because it can look pretty thin with just the one, better to be safe than sorry! I love it because it’s just so wearable. It can be dressed up or down and never look out of place. The perfect chilled summer look.


Have you tried any of these? Do you have any summer muse-have colours?



16 thoughts on “The best summer nail varnish colours

  1. That Essie shade is one of my favs. Love this post. Would be amazing if you could check out my latest post too xxx


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