16 things we’re guilty of doing at the cinema

Image source: https://unsplash.com/alexmunsell

Having worked at a cinema for 6 months, and at a cinema/theatre for almost a year, it’s safe to say I’ve seen every possible reaction to the cinema experience.

Most of these I do myself, but there are a few that I’ve seen time and time again with customers. The kinda things that make you grit your teeth into a smile until they move along.

So, THANK YOU to all of you who are kind customers, and don’t expect us lowly customer assistants to be able to move mountains for you. Believe me, we wish we could. It would make our life as easier as it would yours.

But the many we all do are what’s important. The little guilty pleasures of a cinema outing that you couldn’t really get away with elsewhere. Like having your daily allowance of sugar twice over in under two hours.

1. Spend about 20 minutes deciding what to watch if it isn’t already decided. Making the queue get longer and longer.

2. Spend another 20 minutes telling your friends that you ‘hope it’s good’.

3. Being shocked at the price of tickets and ‘jokingly’ demand the cashier to give a discount.

4. Be extra shocked at the price of food.

5.ย Buy a Twister cup, large popcorn, and 3 scoops or Ben & Jerry’s anyway. Gotta get them film treats. And it is only an extra 15p for large.

6. Silently worry it’s a cry-worthy film. If your friends cry you DEFINITELY will. And you forgot to bring tissues.

7. Now you have jinxed it. Every girl will be crying.

8. Remember how great an evening at the cinema is and make plans to do it every week. Your girl friends would count themselves in, right?

9. Then remember how much it costs and decide to go on special occasions only. You should be able toย save enough for twice a year. Fingers crossed.

10. Afterย every trailer go ‘Oooh, that looks good. Let’s watch that’. The big screen makes everything look magical! What could possibly go wrong?

11. Begin to feel slightly sick from all the food as the trailers come to an end. Wait. That food was for the FILM? Huh.

12. Spend the first half an hour wondering where you’ve seen that minor actor before. Losing all focus on the actual film, and y’know, the MAIN actor.

13. End up dying for a wee but don’t want to miss the film. Did you really need the biggest Tango Ice Blast?!

14. Get too desperate and go, then end up missing the most important part of the film. So what’s happening now? That person came BACK to life?

15. Sit watching the credits to find out the name of that one actor so you can Google what they’re in when you get home. This is important and necessary.

16. Half consider sneaking into a different film as you leave then remember you are a decent human being/too much of a scared-y cat to try. I would definitely be the 1 in 1000 to get caught.

Do you do any of these? Am I missing any you do?



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