Friday Favourites – 24th July 2015

I’ve had a pretty awesome week! I’ve done lots of little things to keep me busy whilst also chilling in the sun my fair share.

I could add lots more to this list so I might just mention a few things here as a bit of a cheat. Don’t judge, I just like remembering all the good things. These are probably my favourite posts to write because otherwise it’s so easy to forget all the little things in life. By doing this it gives me time to reflect on life and realise just how lucky I am.

As well as this list my week has had sunset walks, finishing books, cooking up new recipes, and daydreaming about the future (I was going to put the future plans in the list but I don’t want to jinx it).

1. Summer drinks.

20150718_170027 (2)

Pimm’s and cider. Can you get much more British and summery than that?

I’ve sipped on Pimm’s and a few different ciders this week (this and this mainly), and it’s everything that summer is meant to be. Drinking them makes everything feel light and fruity and floaty and happy. It’s so relaxing to just sit in the sun with a glass, feel the heat beating down on you, and enjoy those simple pleasures. And have you seen how many different ciders there are to try?! I feel as lost as being in a New Look sale trying to hunt down the best bargain.

2. Homemade pink lemonade.

20150719_163711 (2)

I’ve been collecting the free monthly Tesco magazine for almost a year now, and never once used a recipe from it until now. Not because they were naff – they all look SO GOOD – but because I’m a tad bit lazy. This lemonade recipe was really easy though, once you got all the juicing out of the way, thank you boyfriend for all the muscle work. I love lemony things so this is right up my street, but if you prefer things more mild I’d definitely recommend using more caster sugar to balance out the sourness.

It’s pretty much heaven in a glass. Add a couple of raspberries and a mint leaf or two to garnish and you’re good to go!

3. Chinatown. 

I had a little wander through Chinatown and we got dinner from one of the restaurants and dessert at one of the bakeries. So yummy! I mean, I will happily eat pretty much any Chinese food. Duck and pancakes being one of my ultimate favs. One of the dishes we had was beef in red wine and garlic sauce and it was truly drool-worthy. And just how pretty do the lanterns look against the bright blue sky?!

4. Shopping.

I booked a holiday last week (kind of)! I’ll be off the Majorca with my boyfriend and his family at the end of August, I just had to book a flight. So this obvs meant that I had to go holiday shopping. Spent far too much which made me sad because I’m normally so good and stick to sales and a budget. But all the clothes were just calling to me. New Look was my first stop, where I bought the hat. Then went round ALL the shopping centre to end up back in New Look to buy the rest of these clothes. Typical me!

Floppy hat – £12.99 | Leather heeled sandals – £27.99 | Mom shorts – £19.99 | Cold shoulder dress – £14.99 | Cold shoulder top – £17.99

5. Comedy club.

I watched stand-up comedy live for the first time this week. We went to the 99 Comedy Club on Leicester Square  I was quite worried before going, wondering if I would be picked on, hoping it would be quite full and lively rather than dull and naff. Sitting in comedy with a bad crowd is probably terrible. But I needn’t have worried! It was such an amazing couple of hours. Each act was so different to the last and all so so funny; James Acaster probably being the funniest for me.

6. Heart-warming things.

Who doesn’t love little heart-warming things?! The things that make you go ‘aww, the world isn’t so bad after all’. I saw this adorable memorial in the fields I run through and walk the dogs. I just made me feel all happy and remember how special pets really are. It makes me wish our dogs understood the concept of fetch instead of just watching the ball fly through the air then look back at me like ‘what did you do that for?’. Silly dogs, don’t know how to dog.

How was your week?!



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