My five go-to L’Oreal lipstick shades


Everyone needs those lip stick colours that you aren’t afraid of grabbing and slicking on when you need them.

We have those certain colours that get used for certain occasions, and I found all the dream shades I could hope for in L’Oreal’s Color Riche Made For Me range.  None of the colours are WAY out there, which is perfect for me because I’d constantly be thinking people were staring at lipstick on my teeth. They’re the kinda colours I can feel comfortable in, even if they’re not the colours I usually go for. They allow for a bit of breathing room before plunging into the deep shades when you feel ready to push the boat out.

They apply so nicely, and the colour stays on your lips for a long while. I put a bit of lip balm on after applying to keep my lips extra hydrated because my lips easily dry out with lipstick. After that it’s perfect! You don’t need to top up often, and your lips feel great for hours afterwards. It’s a thumbs up from me!

At £6.99 a pop I don’t think they’re a bad price at all!


1. Pink Passion.

The colour of this is a cross between coral and fuchsia. Just sit and imagine that lovely mix. Sounds delightful, huh? The mix has subdued the brightness that it could be, making it an awesome everyday wear colour. Not bright enough that people think you’re trying to impress a certain someone, but not so subtle that you can get away with no other make-up. Just writing about it is making me happy! A great little find, if I do say so myself.


2. Blush Fever

This colour is just perfect for me. It’s pretty much an accurate match for my actual lip colour – something I didn’t think I would ever find. It’s great for those minimalist days when you don’t feel like putting on a full face of make up. It just enhances the natural colour to make your lips look super awesome and it makes me feel like a make-up expert in some weird way.


3. Crazy Fuchsia. 

This has become my go-to for when I feel like my whole outfit and make-up combo looks 184% better than it normally does and I can get away with a brighter look. It’s not so bright that I feel like people are staring and thinking ‘good lord, what did that girl do to her poor face’. It makes me feel more like I could give as much back as what life throws at me and become the person I want to be.


4. Deep Raspberry.

Red is always a colour I’m wary about wearing because I’m not one for standing out with a really bright colour. I love this though; it’s such a darker, more subtle red that I love having the chance to wear it. It makes me feel all sassy and like I can do pretty much anything. And, special bonus, it doesn’t look as terrible as bight reds if it gets on your teeth!


5. Magnetic Coral.

Some might say I’ve saved the best ’til last! I’d been after a coral shade for MONTHS before getting this. All of the perfect ones were just too far out of my price range. This is something special though. It’s the most lovely, lovely coral that would look perfect on any beach holiday. Or basically anywhere in the sun. It’s definitely my ultimate summer colour, and having matching nails makes me feel fuzzy inside.

Have you tried the Made For Me range? Do you have any other natural recommendations? 



6 thoughts on “My five go-to L’Oreal lipstick shades

  1. I’ve watched Pink Passion before, and can’t remember why I didn’t buy it in the end cause it looks so gorgeous here! In fact all of these are such lovely shades, and I really love the formula of my Color Riche Liya’s Pure Red, so I’m sure these aren’t too far off from it 🙂 x
    Charlotte’s Road


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