Simple skincare review


Simple! A brand I think every knows, and everyone who has tried it loves. As far as I know anyway, everyone I’ve spoken to about their products rave about them as much as I do. I’ve been using the face wash and wipes for years now. I know, I know, make up wipes are the devil and all that. But I think they’re just an easy way to remove your initial make up before moving on to cleanser and toner – rather than using endless cotton pads on cleansing water – so I’m gonna keep using them. Simple is known for being minimalist in its ingredients, making it perfect for sensitive skin. My own isn’t overly sensitive but I love the overall feel of these (especially for the price!).


Simple Smoothing Facial Scrub – £3.39

I use this a couple of times a week to keep my skin just that little bit softer. The rice granules that make it a scrub are tiny little things which I much prefer rather than the usual big pieces. I can feel them running over every part of my face slowly working their magic. Once I’ve washed it away my skin feels silky smooth and ready for anything.


Simple Rapid Action Spot Zapper – £5.49

I bought this little beauty when I was having a break out and couldn’t hide the redness any longer. Just roll it over your spots as they appear (you know the kind that appear out of no where and are basically the size of a volcano?), and it’ll get to work. As well as all the spot fighting action it dries them out at the same time – and it really works – they look a lot less aggressive just a few short hours later!


Simple Soothing Facial Toner – £3.29

I use this at night after using cleansing water and it tightens the pores just nicely. Not so that your skin feels super tight like some do. It just feels a clean tight? Does that make sense? It feels like really clean skin should do. Fresh and healthy, what more can you want?


Simple Protecting Light Moisturiser – £4.35

Now this is probably the only product I have negative things to say about. I mean, it’s a good moisturiser and having SPF 15 is an added bonus, but to me it didn’t really stand out for the price. It’s as good as any other cheaper/bigger moisturiser, and feels/smells a lot like sun-cream. Give it a go, by all means, but I’ll be choosing something else next time.


Simple Micellar Cleansing Water – £4.49

I know everyone raves about the Garnier cleansing water, which is probably better value for money, but I’m yet to try it! I tried this Simple one first because I just really like Simple products. And as far as cleansing waters go I’d say this is a pretty top one. My last one was by No. 7 and this is just as good, it works so well at removing make up at the end of the day.


Simple Triple Action Face Wash – £3.75

I’ve used this for years now and have never considered using a different one. Whenever I have used another I notice that my skin starts to look more oily and feel not as clean. It keeps my skin clean and fresh and looking healthy – I’ll be using this for many more year to come!


Do you use the Simple range? Would you recommend any of their products?



10 thoughts on “Simple skincare review

  1. I do like Simple not always my first choice but I used very often their facial wash I can’t remember how it is call? I may get it again soon as I ran out of the one I am using at the minute. Great post hun!

    By the way , you left a message on my blog few hours ago but for some reason I cannot reply to you directly on my blog (some other comment I can) , do you know why ? (I.T. is not my strongest point haha!!)


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