17 thoughts we have whilst watching a new TV series


Firstly, please ignore how dirty my laptop looks. Flash does horrible things. Ugh.

As I write this I’m also watching Pretty Little Liars. I’m pretty sure my blog should be called ‘Confessions of a not-quite-teenage TVaholic’, it’s a pretty accurate representation of my life.

The amount of hours I’ve spent in bed at uni searching for new shows to watch is an embarrassing amount.

Okay, this is gonna take me forever to write. I keep getting lost in PLL then remember that I’m supposed to be blogging. I should probably turn it off, but will I? Not at chance.

1. People keep talking about this, let’s see what all the fuss is about.

2. Huh, doesn’t seem to be that special? I don’t get it.

3. Okay, starting to see why it’s so good now.

4. Wait. I’m already 6 episodes in? Where did those last 3 hours go?

5. OMG that did not just happen.

6. A cliffhanger?! C’mon, that’s teasing.

7. Chocolate and a smoothie would make this perfect.

8. I can’t wait to tell everyone about this.

9. And then cancel all plans with them so I can do some more binge watching.


11. *googles all the actors/actresses to crush on them/follow them on Instagram*

12. Oh God, now I need to try to avoid spoilers until I catch up.

13. At this rate that’ll be next week anyway, then I can read all the theories and join in the hype. YES.

14. Netflix is THE best.

15. Guess who’s getting nothing done this week! Me!

16. Must. Stop. Watching.

17.ย Oh, it’s time for bed. One last episode to help me sleep…

Can I just say that the founders of Netflix are geniuses and the Devil all rolled into one. I love it, but my productivity gets killed on a weekly basis. Then I try to get family and friends into it who have literally no interest whatsoever. I will succeed one day! TV is just too darn good at the moment.



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