Friday Favourites – 10th July 2015

It has been SUCH a lazy week. Which you’ll probably be able to see from the amount of food on this list. I could have very easily made it the whole list, it’s safe to say I’ve indulged a little bit this week.

It’s felt good but I think I’ve had enough laziness for a while, time to get productive! My lazy week has made me feel sluggish which isn’t the best, so hopefully next week’s Friday Favs will be a bit more active.

1. Saturday nights in.

20150704_191420 (2)

By making this a favourite it probably sounds like I’m out most Saturdays which is definitely not the case. I spend most Saturdays in but I really enjoyed the relaxed, pampering feel of this one. I made a fruit salad which is always YUM, painted my nails (this Barry M ‘lap of honour‘ย went on my fingers and I painted my toes a gorgeous L’oreal ‘dating coral‘ colour), and watched Harry Potter. Now if that doesn’t sound pretty perfect then what does?

2. Walkies.

20150704_134356 (2)

I love taking the dogs out when I go to my dad’s. Diesel (the black one) is like my pride and joy, she’s the main reason I miss home when I’m at uni. She still manages to curl up on my knee even though she’s as big as me. And baby Bruce has just turned one and is a big scaredy cat. They’re so fun to take on walks, watching them play with other dogs, seeing Diesel try to knock Bruce into the river. So cute!!

3. Dessert.

20150705_131944 (2)

I had a lot of pictures to choose from for this, but I think this looks the most scrummy. Hot chocolate fudge cake, fruit salad, and cream. How good does that little pool of chocolate sauce look?! Gosh, I want to eat it all over again. Bit of cake, dollop of sauce and cream, and a raspberry on the spoon. Yes, please! All the heart-eyed emojis.

4. Surprise flowers.

20150708_141511 (2)

Got this gorgeous bouquet of flowers of my boyfriend this week, they’re so lovely and summery (if you’re reading this, thank you, again!). I can’t wait for the lillies to bloom so I can find out what colour they are. Pure white or white with bits of pink? They smell so good too, I’ve been literally carrying them from room to room with me to make the most of them.

5. Chip barm.

20150709_133950 (2)

This is the North within me coming through. I had the biggest craving for this yesterday and it was incredible. Something about buying this from a chippy makes ALL the difference, the soft, floury, buttered bun is delish! I might be drooling a little bit now so… moving swiftly on!

6. Grandma’s birthday.

20150709_193624 (2)

Today is my grandma’s 69th birthday!! I love her to pieces. She’s so funny, special, loving, and ditzy. We all make fun of one another, bitch about people, eat way too much, and just generally have a good time. She is definitely one of a kind, and I plan on spending most of my day with her and my grandad. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, GRANDMA!

What special things happened during your week?



6 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 10th July 2015

  1. your dog Diesel so cute ! I love pets they are the best ! I have a kitty right now but hopefully one day (when i’ll have a bigger house with garden) my boyfriend and I will get a Labrador ! I cannot wait and probably a second kitty too from a shelter that need a loving home ( my actual cat is a rescue cat) .


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