15 budget hobby ideas to try this summer

We’re all guilty of wanting to try something new but not actually going through with it. I know I always have these bright ideas and very rarely follow them through. Or if I do I tend to not keep at it for very long. Running, meditation, and baking spring to mind. I seem to pick them up at certain times of the year then forget about them, or keep at it for a few weeks and get bored. We all do it! There’s only a few things I’ve actually stuck with – this blog being one (so far) – and reading and photography.

Reading and photography are things I don’t mind not doing for a while because I’ll know I’ll start again when I’m ready. But I want to add more things to that list so I’m thinking other people probably do as well. The thing is a lot of hobbies can end up being expensive, so I wanted to make a list of easy things that anyone could start whenever they feel like it without buying lots of equipment and stuff. That way you can try as many as you like until you find the perfect one for you.

1. Running.

I think most people have running gear that they bought with good intentions at the back of their wardrobe, so taking up running is very practical. You never know, you might enjoy it! This is something I always do in summer because I like it when it’s nice outside. But then winter rolls around and the thought of running outside sounds horrible. I know I should stick it out – maybe this year will be the year!

2. Meditation.

This is something I want to take up myself because I like the kind of mindset you have to be in to be successful at it. The endless mental benefits of it are enough to convince anyone to give it a go, I think. And to top it all off it’s easy to get started, you just need yourself and a quiet space. Maybe a YouTube video or two if it’ll help keep you on track.

3. Reading.

Hands up if you have loads of books that you’ve never read. Hands up if you’ve got loads on your ‘to read’ list. Hands up if you end up watching Netflix instead of tucking into your book. I know I have hands and feet up in the air. But it’s easy to pick up a book, find a comfy spot, and settle down with a hot drink and some nibbles. And we need to remember that. And we need to remember that it’s okay to let the world go by attached to social media for a few hours.

4. Baking.

I LOVE to bake. It’s just difficult to do in student kitchens. So I always make the most of having a normal kitchen over the summer. I know for sure that after uni I’ll be making away most weeks and that makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Find a good recipe, get to Tesco, and bake away! ย It doesn’t have to be fancy, just make your favourite dessert.

5. Podcasts.

Podcasts aren’t my kinda thing, but I’ve heard only good things about them. There are so many out there that you’re bound to find one you enjoy. You can listen in bed, in the car, whilst you get ready in the morning. It’s an easy way to pass a few hours a week with something you’re truly interested in.

6. Blog.

Start a blog! I think that’s how all these little blogs start. Something to pass the time and create something you’re proud of and enjoy. The great thing about blogs is that they can be about anything and everything. So go for it! It doesn’t even have to be public, it can be like your own online diary. I know I enjoy doing it, it’s making me appreciate life more which is always a good thing.

7. Cycling.

How many of you have an old bike just sat in the garage or shed? I know I have one that I haven’t used in years even though I always really enjoyed cycling. I just rode around local fields and through local towns, to see friends etc. It doesn’t even feel like exercise which is always nice, I like effortless exercise. Wipe the dust off the seat and go for a ride, work them legs for an hour or so.

8. Walking.

We do a lot of walking, but how often do we actually take the time to enjoy our surroundings at the same time? Whilst we have nice summer evenings why not go for a little mooch around a local park or something? I love taking walks but don’t do it often enough, I’m hoping to sort that out this summer.

9. Learn to play an instrument.

I in no way have the drive to do this, but some of you probably do. I’d love to be able to play guitar or something, mainly because it sounds cool. Everyone finds instrument playing interesting, and it’d be great way to occupy your time on rainy days – which is a lot of practice days in theย sunny UK.

10. Upcycle.

You know that old table/lamp/dress/fabric you keep just in case it’ll get used at some point? Well, use it! Check out all those pins you’ve saved on Pinterest and give one of them a go. Paint things, sew things, sand things, create things. It’d be a fun thing to do and make your home/wardrobe look even better. And who knows, maybe you’ll catch the upcycle bug and end up redoing everything.

11. Painting/drawing.

You don’t need any artistic skill to do this, it’s just a way to create something and enjoying yourself at the same time. If you have the talent use it and make something you’re proud of. Maybe gift something as a present? And adult coloring books are all the rage at the moment – I really want to get my hands on one – they sound like an amazing way to relax yourself after a stressful day.

12. Car boot sales.

Who doesn’t love a good car boot sale?! I used to go every week with my family and it was always a highlight. You never know what you’ll find and if it’s a nice day you can treat yourself to an ice cream or burger. They’re a perfect way to spend your Sunday mornings and the perfect place to nab a bargain.

13. Writing.

Blogs are a good way to make sure you stick to writing, but you could also keep a diary, or a journal. A place to write about yourself, write stories, jot ideas down, plan your days, make lists. Any kind of writing gives you time for yourself and your thoughts. It give you the chance to escape from everyday life for a little while and clear your mind.

14. Scrap-booking.

Similar to writing, it gives you time to escape from everyday life. And like blogging, it can be about anything and everything. Scrapbook your own life, holidays, hobby creations and events, passions. I’ve never done it myself but I imagine it’d be fun to make and even more fun to look back on afterwards.

15. Photography.

This is something everyone can do nowadays. Most phone cameras are just as good as actual cameras so you don’t need to go all out and buy a DSLR until you’re sure it’s the hobby for you. Take the time to play around with angles, lighting, contrast. Challenge yourself to take one awesome picture rather snapping dozens of the same thing in hopes one will turn out right. You might surprise yourself. I know I always get a happy feeling in my stomach whenever I getย the perfect shot that doesn’t need editing.

Do you have any hobby ideas I could try?



5 thoughts on “15 budget hobby ideas to try this summer

  1. I’ve just stumbled upon your blog and found myself trailing through your archive. I especially love this post – it’s made me want to get back into drawing! I can highly recommend scrapbooking – you should check out the Project Life phenomenon – scrapbooking made easy and so much fun! ๐Ÿ™‚



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