Friday Favourites – 3rd July 2015

It’s July!! Where has this year flown to?! The last week has been a true week of summer, and it has been amazing. After the Tunisia attacks I’ve been reading a lot of blog posts of people’s reactions and the main message seems to be ‘enjoy and appreciate every moment because you never know what will happen’. And it is so so true, that seems to be the main message of novels I’m reading at the moment too so I want to appreciate everything just that little bit more. Take the time to taste food and drink more, prepare special meals, have quality family time, go out and do things, spend that little extra if it will create a lasting memory, and just hold on to everything dearly, loving everyone and everything you want to with all your heart.

That got a lot deeper than I thought it would. I’m sat with my laptop on my knee and the kitten between the laptop and my stomach gazing at me with ‘please stroke me’ eyes as she purrs and I feel very content with life.

1. Game of Thrones food.

20150701_191516 (2)

My boyfriend got me a Game of Thrones cookery book for Christmas (the women who make this also have a blog full of recipes) and this is the first time we’ve had the chance to use it in a proper kitchen – not in a very basic student kitchen). We made trout wrapped in bacon (gutted the fish ‘n’ everything) and it tasted amazing. They have a fish sauce recipe too with went perfect with it, very sweet.

Then we made Sansa’s lemon cakes – if you’ve read my Taste of London post you’ll know my love of lemon – so these were perfect. They were like a lemony shortbread, so so yummy! My grandma had the great idea of putting a lemon curd in the middle next time; definitely going to give that a go.

2. Strawberry picking.

Every year me and my boyfriend have been together we’ve been strawberry/raspberry/gooseberry/blackberry picking, ย so I guess it’s become a tradition of summer. They taste so much nicer when they’re freshly picked. And I always win the race of filling up the punnet with the best strawbs, so that makes it even more fun.

3. Eating out for lunch.

This little cafe is part of the PYO farm, and it is just the cutest. We got lemonade and orangeade, rarebit with a tomato and cider chutney, and chicken, bacon, and avocado on toast. The rarebit and lemonade being our favs. Lemonade because obvs, read number one again. Rarebit because it’s just so darn tasty, I’d never had it before but I am such a fan!

Doing this little lunch break made me think I need to do it more often. I think I prefer it to going out for dinner, not sure why but yeah.

4. Sunglasses.

Seeing as I’m blind as a bat I’d never bothered getting prescription sunglasses for some reason. Assumedย I wouldn’t be in sun enough for it to be worth it I guess. How wrong I was! It felt so strange to wear them at first but now I love putting them on. I can’t swap pairs like everyone else depending on my outfit of the day but I like them.

5. Sunbathing.

Hello 30 degrees! I may have to apply factor 30 sun cream so I don’t turn into a red blob but I love lying in the sun. It makes me so sleepy and content with the world. How sassy does Molly look here? She looks basically how I felt whilst sunbathing. More please!

6. Train journeys.

Okay, the journey itself isn’t always that fun. But I’m so used to them now I don’t really notice the time going by. The best part of the journey is when you’re at the city stop closest to your town (Manchester for me) and you have that happy feeling of being nearly home. I quite like train journeys; when they’re on time and I don’t have to sit next to anyone.

What’re your favourites of the week? Enjoying the sunshine?



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