5 Present ideas for when you’re on a budget


This list is hopefully one of those where you find it whilst thinking ‘I have zero money and no idea what to buy’ and leave with a bit of inspiration and feel confident enough to march on down to the shops with the little budget you have. I hope it leaves you feeling happy with your purchases, and that even though you haven’t bought something expensive you’ve put a bit of heart into it to make it special. These are a few of the ideas I’ve either used in the past of thought of using in the future. I’ll just have to remember to not use them any time soon because I know my boyfriend reads this and it will ruin any Christmas or birthday surprise in the near future. Some are ideas that I’ve just stolen from Pinterest (it’s the easiest place for present inspiration) or adapted to make them my own. A few of them are more suited for if you’re buying for your other half, but I think the rest can be used for anyone in your family or a close friend.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any of my own pictures for this post because I didn’t think of creating this post until after all of the latest presents I’ve bought had been opened.

Now, I’m an absolutely terrible wrapper of presents, which is probably why I go for these kind of ideas. But I think it’s a great way to make presents more personalised, even if it is just the wrapping. They’re great for when you’re on a budget because it gives you a chance to show the real reason you’re buying them a present – because they’re pretty darn special! It may take a little longer than splashing the cash but it’s way more worth it.

1. The senses. 

This one is more for the other half. The aim is to have five presents that represent the sense in some way. I got the boyfriend a kind of dance coupon for touch because I don’t like dancing yet he always wants to so that was me not complaining for whatever dance he wanted to do, a framed picture of us both sight, a CD for sound full of his favourite songs to rock out to in the car, sweets for taste because he has the biggest sweet tooth and I always buy him sweets, and aftershave for smell (more of a present for me, it smells amazing).

For this it’s all about thinking of what you can get as a gift that you think would be one of their favourite things.

2. Bulk it out!

An easy way to do this is to take a trip to poundland. For my sister’s 17th she wanted a new bag, but I then filled it with some goodies which I think make it just that little bit more special. It’s something that is just a bit of fun and brings a cheeky smile to the face. I got her a toy car (since she turned old enough to drive), some bubbles, sweets, biscuits, and marble effect balloons which looked pretty cool.

3. 52 reasons. 

Another one for the other half. This is one most people would have seen all over Pinterest. Simpy buy a deck of cards, and personalise each one with a reason why you love them. It sounds like it would be difficult to find all those reasons but just remember that it doesn’t have to be all deep and personal. Let them know you love them for their odd socks and strange OCD behaviours! Fill it with the kind of things that drive you up the wall, but you know deep down you love them all the more for it.

Decorate the cards too! Write down your reasons then make it look pretty and well-loved. I know some people tea-stain and sand the cards so it looks old. I added ribbons, beads, drawings, photos. Anything I could get my hands on.

4. I love you because/for…

The idea behind this is that each present represents something you love that person for. You can write a little clue on the tags if you like as well. When I used this I did things like ‘your warm hugs’ and bought a jacket, ‘how sweet you are’ and got sweets, ‘your sense of direction’ and bought a travel book. The other things I bought probably wouldn’t make that much sense to anyone if I wrote them here, but I quite like that. It’s all about that personal stuff! The inside jokes and quirky habits of those you hold near and dear.

5. Make your own gift tags.

If you think the presents you’ve bought are a bit naff, make some tags! They make the presents feel more special. I’ve even just cut out squares from a cereal box and stuck wrapping paper on each and taa daa! Gift tags for all! If you want to get a bit more fancy than that buy some coloured paper, do some drawing, write clues for the presents. Let your imagination run wild with this one!

I hope these were of some help! Use them, adapt them, make them your own in your own special way. The whole point is that you make the person feel warm and fuzzy inside because they’ll look at the presents and think ‘this person knows me’. Who says the perfect present has to cost a fortune? More often than not the best presents are the most thoughtful!

Do you have any cool present ideas I could use? Or a place you go to for inspiration?



8 thoughts on “5 Present ideas for when you’re on a budget

  1. Great ideas! I think when you are sticking to a budget the presents are always so much more personal! Love a good handmade gift tag to. I have a letter printing set from Hobbycraft (they are about £2), makes lovely tags. I am such a sucker for sentiment and keep anything like this that I’m gifted!



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