Friday Favourites – 26th June 2015

I do love summer! They seem to be filled with lazy days and super busy days. There’s no in-between. I think I like it like that, it’s my perfect holiday combination in general, a day filled with exploring and a day of relaxing. If this is what the rest of summer will be we’re off to a good start! I feel like I don’t really have any plans for summer, but at the same time there’s lots I want to do. Does that make any sense? Probs not. It’s more ideas of ideas that I have, going for walks to places and drinking summery cocktails, reading lots and exploring more.

I think productive is the best way to describe the past week. I probably haven’t done all that much that is productive but I have that content feeling of achieving something. I guess that’s a start.

1. Birthdays.

20150620_154835 (2)

It’s my boyfriend’s and sister’s birthdays on the same day which is SUCH a pain since my family and his live a three and a half hour train journey apart. I have to take turns each year which kinda sucks. But you gotta do what you gotta do. This years was with my boyfriend, where during the day we went for a long walk with a pub lunch at the end in a lovely old pub, then in the evening opened presents and ate chocolate cake and watched Game of Thrones with the family. It was a lovely day, I hope he enjoyed it too!!

2. Taste of London.

IMG_3768 (2)

On Sunday we went to the Taste of London event, the largest restaurant festival in the world I think it claimed to be. It was an amazing day filled with so many tasters you wouldn’t believe. I came away with a very happy belly (you can see my very long post on it here).

3. British Library.


I joined the British Library this week! Since my boyfriend is writing his masters dissertation this summer I thought I could get ahead with my own undergrad dissertation at the same time. It’s such an impressive building, you really do feel like you’re in the place with the world’s knowledge. Yes, that is a huge wall of books. Yes, it made the book lover in me very, very content.

4. Fresh fruit.


There’s something about fresh fruit in the sunshine, isn’t there? Had this orange whilst sat outside reading and it tasted heavenly. Looking forward to lots of fruit salads this summer, and potentially hitting up a pick your own farm! The raspberries from there are always super yummy.

5. Runs.


I’m on week 3 of couch to 5k and it’s going pretty well! I feel like a lot of people reading this probably find 5k easy peasy, but I’m honestly so unfit it’s ridiculous. I think this is the perfect thing for me though, it slowly builds up your run time and distance week by week which is exactly what I need. And it’s a ‘run for 3 mins, walk for 3 mins’ kinda deal, which means I don’t die. I went for a normal run for just 16 minutes with my boyfriend last week and cried because I couldn’t breathe by the end, honestly thought I was going to have a panic attack or something. Not fun, at all. So yeah, couch to 5k, wooo!

6. Looking for Alaska.


Just finished reading this. What a tear-jerker. I thought I’d be hardened to John Green’sย writing after reading Fault in Our Stars. I was wrong. I think I felt this story a lot deeper than Fault in Our Stars, it felt closer to me in a way. This probably sounds awfully vague but give it a read and you’ll understand! Hopefully. I don’t want to give anything away, but it’s definitely worth a read.

My favourites this week make me happy. They ooze summer and happiness and all things good with the world. Or maybe I’m just in a good mood as I write this. Either way, good times! Summer is HERE!!



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