Friday Favourites – 19th June 2015

Bit of a rushed post this week! There has been so much going on; trying to squeeze in exploring before the boyfriend leaves Dundee and St Andrews for good, travelling for pretty much three days straight to be able to help him move out (if you have me on Twitter and Instagram you’ll have already seen most of this going on). And now I’m trying to quickly write this whilst still packing up the room, cleaning the bathroom, and wrapping birthday presents. Help!! Being busy has helped with finding the favourites, but not helped so much with trying to document them. Here goes anyway!

1. Car journeys.

Even though I’m going to have spent about 17 hours on the road over the last two days I don’t mind one bit. I’m not driving though so that might be why. Car journeys basically mean summer to me, because for the rest of the year I’m at uni with just public transport to rely on. Driving just yesterday has reminded me why I love them. You get to relax, enjoy just coasting along, have loads of time to talk and loads of time to just enjoy each others’s company and do your own thing. The best.

2. Bath bombs.

I’ve been on the hunt for bath bombs because I can finally have relaxing baths now I’m back at home. Silly uni accommodation with no baths. I found these at a little independent shop in St Andrews and they smell gorgeous. Can’t wait to try them out!

3. Eating out.

Since we’ve just been enjoying the last few night in Dundee it’s been time to finally try those restaurants we always said we would but never found the time. It’s felt nice to treat ourselves to some tasty food instead of cooking for a change. This was at a Japanese/ teppanyaki place called Kobee and it was amazing to see the food cooked right in front of you. We went to Project Pie too, but I should hopefully be doing a review of that so more on that another time!

4. Evening walks.

Now summer is arriving evening walks can happen again! We took a walk up Dundee Law (basically an extinct volcano behind the city with amazing views and a war memorial at the top). We got to see little bunnies hopping around and take loads of pictures of the views. Pretty much just make everyone on snapchat jealous of where I was.

5. St Andrews.

By this I basically mean Scotland. St Andrews sums up everything I love about Scotland. Gorgeous landscapes, lovely building, tiny places, independent shops, and so much to do. Spent the day ambling round, eating de-lish ice cream, and snapping away. Perfect.

6. New glasses.

I got my new glasses on Saturday! They’re bigger than my old pair and I LOVE them. They’re not fully black, more grey frames, which I think suit me better rather than the harshness of black. I got sunglasses too for the first time in forever, so I’m excited for lots of sunny days to wear them. And my kitten wanted to say hello.

Busy busy busy!! Great week though, and lots more to look forward to too!

What are your Friday Favourites?!



8 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 19th June 2015

  1. Hats off to you at writing a post even at your busiest! Oh St. Andrews is lovely. I have always been fascinated with Scotland and I hope to go there in the near future as well as the rest of the UK.


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