10 places I want to travel to

This is kind of a weird list, because it’s obviously only a little glimpse into ALL the places I want to go to, so much so that I’ve just said countries in some cases rather than specific places. My bad. Have you ever tried to narrow down all the places you want to visit into 10 places? When you want to go pretty much everywhere and see everything. It’s a struggle. Who knows, maybe I’ll get the chance to tick off all this list eventually. I can dream!

1. Venice. Photo from allworldtowns.com

Now I’ve never been to Italy, and I’d just write Italy instead of Venice if I wasn’t trying to restrain myself. I want to visit pretty much all the popular places in Italy but Venice has always stood out to me for some reason. It’s probably because I’m a sucker for a bit of romance and the idea of travelling via gondala sounds pretty fun too. From the pictures I’ve seen the architecture looks incredible which I always love taking photos of too.

2. Amsterdam.

Photo from infohostels.com

Amsterdam seems like the typical student place to go to. I know loads of people who have gone and loved it so I want to experience it too. Mainly because I want that classic shot at the canal on the bridge like the picture I’ve chosen. And need I say more about Fault in Our Stars? I really want to visit Anne Frank’s house after reading and watching it.

3. Iceland.

Photo from travelbrochures.org

Iceland has always sounded like a pretty cool place to go, then one of my flatmates went and put pictures on Facebook which made me super jealous. Then Kate at gh0stparties posted about it making me even more jealous with her amazing photography. And basically I want to go to cool restaurants and cafes, chill in the hot springs, then explore the incredible scenery with my camera at the ready all the time.

4. Grand Canyon.

Photo from travelphotoadventures.com

It’s one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. Need I really say more than that? To just be able to take in that view in person after trekking for hours would be out of this world. It feels to me like the kind of place where you’d find the perfect spot to sit, admire the view, and have a real good think about life and what everything means and get all deep and peaceful within yourself.

5. Patagonia.

Photo from allworldtowns.com

I’ll be honest, I only really heard about this place from the Top Gear Christmas special earlier this year. But I fell in love with it watching the show, it just looks so peaceful in some parts yet dramatic and terrifying in others. Green grass with calm waters with a backdrop of looming snow covered mountains. It’s the exact kinda place I’d love to see for myself.

6. California.

Photo from jetblue.com

I know California is huge, but I couldn’t just limit it to one place. I want to do the touristy stuff of San Francisco and L.A., explore Yosemite national park, see the HUGE trees of sequoia national park, do a bit of wine tasting in Napa Valley. An old flatmate is from California and she always makes me sad that I live in the UK with her 26 degree heat snapchats in December and updates on wine tasting during the summer. Why can’t we have casual wine tasting in the UK? Why can’t it be hot here? Why??!

7. Canada.

Photo from mostamazingplaces.net

Again, I couldn’t bring myself to add just one part of the country because I want to see all of it. If I was to move away from the UK I think Canada would be my number one choice, even though I haven’t been before. Maybe that isn’t very wise of me I’ve just realised as I’ve written it. Never mind. I want to see the little streets of Quebec city, take a trip to Nahanni national park to maybe spy the northern lights, see the city sights of Ottawa, Vancouver, Montreal, and Toronto. And see all the other national parks, there’s more than I could probably list. Canada has just always seemed like an approachable country, if that makes sense. Like it’ll somehow give you time to see and do everything you want to.

8. Luxembourg.

Photo from almyra.ca

I don’t really know all that much about Luxembourg, but a few friends have been travelling there recently and it always looks so beautiful. Which is perfect for my camera happy self. I could see myself snapping away at the architecture and landscape for hours on end.

9. Bruges.

Photo from allworldtowns.com

I’ve only ever heard good things about Bruges. It feels to like it’d be a cross between Prague and Venice. Is that even close to true? I loved everything about Prague when I went, and Venice is like my dream destination at the moment, so Bruges seems like the perfect happy medium! Wondering the streets on a hot day with a coffee or fresh juice sounds like the best thing ever.

10. Austria.

Photo from allworldtowns.com

Because how pretty does it look?! A flatmate is from Austria and even just her back garden always looks beautiful and green and chilled. Imagine how great the rest of it would be! It seems to me like it would be a place of fantastic scenery, lovely little towns, the kindest people, and interesting history. Spending some time soaking it all in would be an amazing experience.

I could keep going but I won’t. I’d probably end up boring anyone reading and make either my wanderlust or bank balance very sad. I know I’d rather make the wanderlust happy. If only endless money was a real thing.

Any places that have always stood out to you that are on the list? Or do you have any places of your own?



10 thoughts on “10 places I want to travel to

  1. i’ve been to bruges before and it truly is a fairytale winter wonderland – you have to go at the time of year when it’s snowing to get the full effect. and there’s loads of outside stands selling the best chips in the world, honestly. i love the list you’ve made up, i really want to go to iceland!
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.


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