Friday Favourites – 12th June 2015

I have lots to talk about this week, so this list was easy peasy to make! I actually have more things I want to mention but maybe I’ll save those for next week’s. Some skincare products I’ve bought that feel like they’re working wonders and makeup I’ve started to wear that are THE perfect shades. More on that next week! I’m heading to Dundee tomorrow for the week as well so I’ve have lots to share that I’ve been exploring. Anyway, enough about next week, this week has been full of new gadgets, summer treats, and pampering. It has been sunny and warm, so I’ve been able to enjoy the start of my summer with sunbathing and reading. My shoulders are now a lovely shade of traffic light red, and One Day by David Nicholls made me cry. Lots.

My favourites for the week…

1. My new watch!

How gorgeous is it?! I had it on my birthday wishlist and I finally bought myself one with my birthday money. I’m so happy I decided to splash the cash on it because it feels as good as it looks. It feels really nice to wear, it makes me feel all sophisticated, and it looks all fancy when it’s just little old me wearing it.

2. Essie nail polish.

I’ve spoken about Essie before in an earlier Friday Favs, but, well, I couldn’t help repeating myself. This colour is vested interest, and it’s one of those colours that makes you feel super cool. I think it’s a bit too dark for the summer, but I just couldn’t wait to try it out. I bought fifth avenue and roarrrrange at the same time which are both bright and summery so I’ll move onto those next! This is after I’d been wearing it for 5 or 6 days so you can see how good it is for not chipping and stuff. Two thin coats and you’re good to go!

3. Our cats.

I didn’t meet this little one until I came home for the summer, and she is adorable, and she’s called Daisy. Our other cat has basically taken on the role of adoptive mother-cat, and they’re so cute together. They’ve taken to lounging on my bed whenever they get the chance to, which is absolutely fine by me!

4. New phone!

Now this was exciting for me. I haven’t had a new phone for over four and a half years, so I was always the one who didn’t have the latest apps, couldn’t just browse the internet, got endless ‘storage is full’ pop ups just to remind me how bad my phone was. You wouldn’t believe how long it took me to get on the snapchat bandwagon. Getting this little beauty was something special. It may not be the latest phone out there, or an iPhone, but it is absolutely perfect for me. It’s fast, it’s sturdy, it’s sleek, I can download everything, and the camera, oh the camera. Having 8MP is out of this woooorld after having probably 0.8MP.

5. Eton mess.

Are there any better summery desserts than eton mess? This was my own version of it. I used mango and passion fruit yoghurt, layered strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, then crumbled up a meringue nest over the top. It was actually amazing, and made me feel kinda healthy whilst indulging at the same time.

6. Summer nights.

The sunset the other night was incredible. I didn’t have my camera with me whilst I was out which was a much better view (and it was before my super awesome phone came along to save the day), so I had to just take this quick snap when I got home. It was just beautiful, and it made me so happy to think of all the late nights sitting outside I’ll get to have over the next couple of months. Yes please!

Do you have any favs this week?



10 thoughts on “Friday Favourites – 12th June 2015

  1. Hi Siobhan ! Sorry to chaw you but you have won two tickets for Taste of London on my blog ( you played few days ago ) please can you check your email ASAP. Thanks


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